Intro: Playhouse

Hi guys!

This is a playhouse I made for my daughter. Its made of 10 mm plywood and has dimensions H: 640 mm L: 500 mm D: 330 mm.

This house has two doors that easily slide to the sides. This was made by cutting a 5mm depth groove on the lower floor sheet and the attic floor.

Inside the house there are four rooms on two floors and a nice party place in the attic. Also I made some furniture - two benches, two beds, one round table and two ladders. On the roof there is a handle to carry this house (it has quite a lot of weight because of 10mm plywood it is made).

Also you can notice a mustache face carved at the left wall. )

This particularly house was made by cutting on the CNC router using 4mm bit. But I think you can laser cut it also. For fastening the details I used 25mm screws. The finished house looks solid and robust.

So, any questions and feedback are very welcome.


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2 years ago

How big is the sheet with the parts laid ou on

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Reply 6 months ago

1,5x1,5 meters. Standart plywood sheet dimension in Russia.


3 years ago

he said he bought it off etsy. even linked to the sellers page. you could easily cut this out on a scroll saw, with a jig saw or possibly use a bandsaw if a thin enough blade. i would think scrollsaw would be easiest with less tearout and sanding

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Reply 3 years ago

oops wrong instructible lol disregard my post. but think he said cnc