Introduction: Playhouse

Rather than bore everyone with details of wood amounts, nails etc I've just given step by step photos of this project so that it can be seen how simple these playhouses can be built with little fuss or mess. I did use tantalised wood however for durability(4x4, 4x2 and 2x2). I had no real plan to go from, i just designed it as I went along.

Step 1: The Building

I did use concrete for bedding in the posts because this is top heavy. My size eventually was just to suit the 8x4 sheets for the roof too minimise wastage. 8x2 sheets of chipboard for internal floor, and deck boards for outside. These little kids know how to test the stability of playhouses so I built it fit for an adult in case the wife kicked me out. I roofed over the ply with green felt. Sealing the clout holes and joints with all weather silicone.

Step 2: Finish

The finishing touches like the railings and doors and especially the slide, really brought the project together. I intend to add colourful grab handles and playscopes when my budget gets back on track lol. Enjoy



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    I love it! could you email me the plans? my email is

    This is exactly what I'm envisioning for my 4 kids!!! I know some plans have step by steps, am i missing those here or are they not to be had?

    Mainly looking for materials list and dimensions... i want to build this!!!!!

    1 reply

    no plans. i just built it as i was going along.

    Where did you get the slide? order complete stand alone then took it apart, or do they sell it like that?

    1 reply

    I just googled a local supplier and it came as you see and I fixed it with holes supplied.

    Great house, I could of missed it but what was the average cost of building this. Thinking of building one.

    1 reply

    Roughly, excluding the slide, I spent £200 Sterling. Worth every bit.

    Hello, which dimension has playhouse?

    To simply and nice colour kids house.

    1 reply

    Hi, house is 8ft x 4ft with walkway an added three feet. very strong