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Introduction: Playing Card Case Rack

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I have quite a few decks of cards, I wanted a simple way to store/display them in an easily accessible way. I came up with this design which has two orientations, laying on the side or standing up right. It can hold up to 7 decks. The project will cost less than $10 and will take under a day to make. Hope you enjoy!!!

Step 1: Tools and Materials


-X-Acto knife


-Fine tooth hand saw


-Wood glue or super glue

-Brush (for spreading the glue)



-Sandpaper (optional)


-2 3/32x3x24(inches) Basswood Sheet

-2 3/16x3/8x24(inches) Basswood Strips

Step 2: Cutting the Shelves

-Measure inwards 3 3/4 inch from the short side of the basswood sheet, make a mark

-Score the line you drew with the X-Acto knife

-Break the piece off, be careful not to tear or deform the wood. It should be a clean and crisp snap, if not, score the wood deeper

-Repeat that process 7 more times, for a total of 8 short sheets

-Use the rasp to smooth and even out the sides

Step 3: Cutting and Gluing the Side Supports

-Measure inwards on the basswood strip 6 1/2 inches, make a mark

-Cut on this line with the fine tooth saw

-Repeat once more

-Apply wood glue (or super glue) to one edge of a strip

-Align the edge with the other strip's edge to form an "L" shape

-Clamp the strips

-Once finished, it should look like the picture above

Step 4: Gluing the Shelves to the Side Supports

-Measure inwards on both side supports about 1/4 inch, make a mark

-Apply glue to the marked areas

-Align the long side of one shelf with the marks, make sure it is straight and level

-Clamp, keep the clamp on for the directed clamping time as instructed on the glue bottle, Gorilla Wood Glue takes 20-30 minutes

-Measure 3/4 inch outwards from the previously glued shelf, make a mark on both supports

-Glue in another shelf

-Repeat this process for all remaining shelf pieces

Step 5: Finishing the Top

-Once all the shelf pieces are glued into place, look to see which side the side supports are sticking out the most from, cut off the other side flush with the topmost shelf with the fine tooth saw

-Smooth with a rasp and sandpaper

-Once complete, it should look like the picture above

Step 6: Cutting and Gluing the Feet

-Measure how far the side support comes out from the bottommost shelf

-Cut 2 pieces from the basswood strip that same size

-Level the sides with a rasp

-Glue the feet to the bottommost board parallel with the side supports


-Once finished, the entire thing should be able to stand up level on the feet

Step 7: Finished

You are now complete!!! Now just fill the shelves with your decks of cards. Hope you enjoyed my Instructable!!!

Step 8: Other Notes

-Take your time when clamping

-Be sure to level the shelves while gluing

-The standing orientation is more for show, if you remove the bottom deck while in the upright position, the entire thing with bend extremely. Removing any other deck is okay in the upright position. This is due to the softness of basswood.

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    GEORGE the DIY person

    well done but I don't quite understand the measurement as u can see im a kid and i do magic for life so could you simplify and make into just inches