Playing Card Wallet




Hello all!  Today i will teach you how to make a playing card wallet.  its a fun wallet that is thin and fun.

Step 1:

first gather your materials
you will need 
- a deck of cards(pick 7 or 8 cards out of the deck)
-a xacto knife
-packing tape

Step 2:

arrange four cards in a rectangle, the space between the two fives is about one centimeter and the space between the five and the four is about one half a centimeter.

Step 3:

add packing tape to lengthwise across the cards, do the same to both sides

then do add packing tape the other way on both sides

Step 4:

fold the 4 taped cards in half hotdog style

Step 5:

next, add tape to both short sides of the folded cards
fold the tape over so it forms a side to the cards
you should be left with whats in the last picture

Step 6:

this will be an id holder
draw an outline of you id on the card, if it doesn't fit, make it smaller
then cut out the square/rectangle in the middle of the card, making sure NOT to cut the edges

Step 7:

add packing tape to the back and front of the cut out card frame. then get a card of you choosing and put it behind the the card frame taping both short sides and one long side shut.  add tape to one short side and stick the id holder holder firmly in the middle of the wallet.  do the same to the other side

Step 8:

for the card holders, cut a card in half then get a piece of tape thats slightly bigger than the half card itself and put it over the card. then get your credit card(mines the black duck tape) and put it where you want.  Lay the half card over the credit card and fold the tape over the edges

Step 9:

finally to flatten the wallet out, put a thick book over the wallet and let it sit until it is flat, or keep it you pocket a lot



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