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This is a pretty easy way to make a cool wallet with common things you probably have sitting around the house. Most people won't have this wallet too, so if you like to have different things, this is great for you! Thanks for taking look :)
You'll need these things;
Playing cards
X-acto knife

Step 1: Glue Your Four Pairs of Cards

First, put some glue on the back of one card, then smear it all around. Next place the back of another card on top. Now you have one pair, you then need to make three more. Wait for it to dry. You might want to put a pile of books or something else that's heavey on top of them. Also make sure you have glue all around the edges and conners, so it's secure.

Step 2: Tape the Pairs Together

Now put two of the pairs together by their short sides(see first pic). If you can see the tape on the cards in the first picture this is the pattern; their are three horizontal tape pieces in a row, then their is one long piece of tape that is vertical going over the three horizontal pieces. Yes, it might sound very confusing, but if you really think about it, it's not! Do that tape pattern on one side, then on the other side while it's folded(see second and third pic) just put on the three horizontal pieces, and leave out the vertical piece. Make two of those pieces. We put tape on the one side while it's folded, because that will allow the cards to bend in one way. Next, place your two new pieces on top of each other, and make sure the two pieces are each bending in the same direction. Now tape all of the sides together except one long side(that will be your money pouch). You should have something that opens up like the last picture.

Step 3: Make Your Card Slots (optional)

First, cut off the top of one card and see if it is a little smaller then the card underneath it, so it looks like the second picture. Then cut more off from another card and place it on top of the first card you just cut. Next tape them, but remember to open up your money pouch part and place the other side of the tape in there(see fourth pic) so you don't tape the money pouch together. Now you have a cool card slot for gift cards or something :)

Step 4: Make Your Driver's License Pocket (optional)

Take out another card and mark the section you want to cut out. Then get your X-acto knife or a different cutting knife and cutting board, then cut the card. Once you have the edge of your card cut out, tape it on, but remember, just like the card slot part, make sure you open up the money pouch and put the other end of tape in there, so you don't tape the money pouch together. If your wondering why I colored my edge red, it was for fun!

Step 5: Done! :D

Now you have an awesome stylish wallet! And if you want to kind of hide the tape, brush on some polyurethane and that should help. Post pictures if you make it too!

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2 years ago

Clever! I will be making these with my kids!

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Reply 2 years ago

Cool! If you have time I'd love to see how they turn out for you.


3 years ago

Nice job to both of you! I agree with both of your changes too! It would make it better for sure, thanks! :)