Playing Card Wallet




Are you a poker fan? Want a wallet that describes you? Then make a poker card wallet!

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Step 1: Get Materials

Take a deck of cards (new ones would be nice, but I am using ancient cards). You will need at least four cards, but add more if you want card (ha-ha) pockets.

You can use face cards, or ones that show your PIN number (in case you forget), or even ones that state your birthday.

I will be using face cards.

You will also need tape, either clear packaging tape, or scotch tape. If you use clear packaging tape, you can make a view for id cards.

And scissors

Step 2: Some Things to Remember

The direction the cards face doesn't really matter.

The wallet must be able to close when done, so when adding tape, make sure to add it while the wallet is folded, or put some more space between the cards.

Step 3: Make the Base

The base of the wallet will be made of just four cards. It is to made into the main pocket (where the money goes).

1. Tape together two cards at their widths, make sure to put the tape on both sides.
1.1. When doing this, apply the tape half-way on the card, and half-way down the width of it.
1.2. Then align the to-be-taped card against the tape-to card.
1.3. Fold the tape over to the other card, press down, and unfold the card+tape.
1.4. Wrap the tape around the cards.
2. Tape a third card on the end.
3. Tape a fourth card.

Now is what it should look like (1-2-3-4)

4. Tape card 1 to card 4, again at the widths.
5. Tape the bottom, but do it so they can still fold.

The pics go in order.

Step 4: Making the Pockets

Now that we have the money pocket, we need card spots.

1. Try cutting a card at about two-thirds, tape the two-third part into the folding in part of the wallet.

2. If the cards have little borders ariound the actual picture, then cut that out, put clear tape on both sides, and tape that in too.



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14 Discussions


4 years ago on Introduction

Man, when my custom deck gets old and gunky and I can't do anymore flourishes, I am DEFINITELY making this. Thanks for sharing!

Here's what my deck looks like (for bragging purposes)


7 years ago on Introduction

i made a trifold with aces, kings, a 6,and a 9 LOVE THE WALLET MAN


9 years ago on Step 4

ty man, love it. awesome instructable. cudos to you


10 years ago on Introduction

great for school, keeps my i.d. and a couple extra buck, all while showing off my poker? card trick hobby's!


10 years ago on Introduction

I have made several types of these "card wallets" and I'm going to try this design next.


11 years ago on Introduction

i saw another person instructable on how to make a card wallet, then i came up with my own design similar to urs, until i found this ty!


11 years ago on Introduction

you made me three dollars richer with this thing. one of my friends saw me whip one out and wanted one real bad so i told him id make one for $3 anyway thx 4 sharing