Playing Minor Pentatonic Scale on Guitar




For this tutorial I am going to teach you how to play the basic Minor Pentatonic Scale, which is good for blues and other minor sounding music compositions.

You can play this scale anywhere on the guitars neck to just pick a starting fret and follow along!

Step 1: Low E String

On the low E string you play the first fret, and the fourth fret.

Step 2: A String

Next up is the A string, on this one you play the first fret, then the 3rd.

Step 3: D String

Then the D string for this you also play the 1st and 3rd frets.

Step 4: G String

This is the last string where you play the first then 3rd fret.

Step 5: B String

For this string you go back to the pattern of the low E string where youll play the 1st fret, then the 4th

Step 6: High E String

Last one! For this you play the 1st then the 4th

Step 7: Overview

The red dots represent the fingering pattern. Again you can play this scale anywhere on the neck of the guitar. Try playing these notes in a random series to see how it sounds!



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    2 years ago

    Super tutorial, but you should really mirror the image in step 7. It's rather confusing that the fretboard is suddenly turned around.