Playing Card Usb Case

Introduction: Playing Card Usb Case

I had a lot of extra cards so i made this case

Step 1: What You Need.

2 cards
a piece of cardboard (that is a thick or thicker than the usb.)
tape or glue ( i used tape)

Step 2: Cut the Cardboard and Trace the Usb Onto the Cardboard.

Cut the cardboard so that when covered with the card you can't see it. then trace the usb onto the card board.

Step 3: Cut the Cardboard Where the Head of the Usb Starts.

Cut the cardboard where the head of the usb starts.

Step 4: Tape of Glue the Carboard to the Playing Card.

Tape/glue the cardboard to the playing card then cut the playing card where the cardboard ends.

Step 5: Finish Up

Take the other half of the cardboard and glue/tape it to the part of the card that you cut off. Then place the second card onto the cardboard and cut it so that it matches the first card. Now place the two pieces of the card onto the cardboard so that it fits nicely with thew first card and your done.



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    the cards board in the middle looks a bit sloppy

    Going on about the "whole deck" idea: This was my first thought after reading this i'ble. For the issues on glue/cut: People glue together books and cut out "secret holes". Why wouldn't this be possible on a smaller scale using a deck of cards. Or maybe even go further and take a mini card deck. This way it would still be possible to take with you in your pocket or something.

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    this is actually really good! not just another "cut hole, put usb, seal with epoxy" kinda instructable!

    In response to all the comments talking about glueing the whole deck together and how it would be too much work, another thing you could do is have the card cut so that it fits in the playing car box, so you would glue the cardboard into the box and not see any of the cardboard but it still looking good.

    I am trying really hard why I might ever need this.

    made this. tape cards together with double sided tape till it go thick enough and then cut out the shape of the usb stick and tapen another pair of cards on it . got a 9/10 at school for that :P

    I would probably add the USB to this one, just in case. =P

    I foward duck_tape_: Since your wasting 2 cards of a pile, in this case two useful cards of a pile (eg: not information from manufacturer or blank one) then why not waste the whole pack too and get a very nice, more realistic usb key? Depending on the pack thickness, judge how many cards you will use, if not all. Keep about 4 or 8 (or anything that is a multiple of 2) around for later. Then, trace your usb key and cut one card from the pile (not the ones you putted away). Now using the cut one, apply this to all the other cards. Stick them together (I don't know about glue, I would go for the white glue). Now take the spare 2,4,6,8, etc cards you left on the side. Glue these on the top. Oh yeah, you didn't forget in the process to know where you key cap starts and end, so you could cut the pack at the good place, right? Good luck! I'll try it.

    If you wanted it to look more like a deck of cards, maybe you could glue together a pack of cards, and cut it, rather than the card board.

    Meh. to the cardboard, If I wanted a deck of cards flash drive I would use the whole pack and cut the inside ones neatly instead of using a bit of card board - it would be stronger and look much better.

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    but how would you keep them together? would you glue them individually together? that would take alot of time..... and so would the cutting it's a cool idea, but poses alot of questions against the actual makeability

    Well I personally would do it if that was what I wanted, but while I think that a deck of cards USB looks cool I couldn't really imaging using one, Just a bit to big and bulky for me.

    Ah, that's sweet. Only thing is that I'd rather not see the cardboard from the side...but cutting cards to make up the space is too much work for lazy me.... Well done!!

    because the cards are pokersized I could fit 2 sticks in, an usb stick and a bluetooth stick. it fits perfectly on my laptop, but it doesn't work on my desktop ah well, don't use it on my desktop anyway