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Avocados are a great and wonderful food and there are so many thing you can make with them from guacamole to topping a sandwich or even smoothies. Alas the best part of the avocado gets tossed in the trash or perhaps some kind person will sprout into a tree. What I do with the seed is carve it into some creature or basic shapes all sorts of things I use them as carvings, centerpieces for necklaces or embellishments for dream catchers .Some times I just carve them and leave them in random places around town which is great fun because depending on the season I may use hundreds of avocado's in my restaurant (well my Bar) and I have so many seeds and they carve just like leather dry clay I can share the fun ,hoping someone will find and keep on of my small creations. Most likely they just get tossed by the cleaning staff well here we go...........

Step 1: EAT

Eat the avocado not the seed .when you cut open the avocado do it slowly and try not the push into the seed or you will have a line around the seed . Use a spoon to scoop out seed and wash or lick it clean DONT EAT SEED it taste terrible


Step 2: Peel

now with a clean seed peel off the brown outer layer it helps to let is set for hour or so if you nick it with your fingernail it will leave a dark brown spot

Step 3: To Dry or Not to Dry That Is the Question

the longer you let it dry the harder it will get as well as darker for this seed I dried it in my pocket most of the morning you can carve it at any point now. when its white you can use a butter knife or even a plastic knife which works well for kids . The avocado seed is harder to carve when dark and a sharper implement is necessary when it is hard it is much like wood and can be sanded as well but keep in mind there is a natural crack in it and it will split if it dries to fast. you can stop that by using a sealer to stop the drying but it don't always work .if you plan out two halves there is no All Man moments .

Step 4: Chop Chop

so this one I split and flattened the back sides I use my razor knive to carve quite a bit it is always in my pocket and ready to go .

Step 5: Get Er Done

so carve out some patterns or faces or what ever once its dark and cave in it is lighter underneath from dark brown to beige the can be sanded smooth, drilled and baked with sculpty clay so have at it Go nuts and carve out your style and if you don't like it give or leave it for some one else



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    5 years ago

    Wow, this is so awesome! I'm taking a woodcarving class during my week-long Boy Scout summer camp, so I'll learn a few things to help me with this project. My mom buys avocado all the time so this is a great thing to do for me. (I enjoy 3d art a lot.)

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    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    it is perfect for you to develop carving skills and you can make a wicked bolo for you neckerchief. show me what you make


    5 years ago on Introduction

    This is really cool, I never considered carving avocado pits. I've carved a few faces out of almonds, (which is nice and easy, but a tad on the small size). I must give this a try.

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