Playmobil Fort With Carton



Thousand years ago, the human being started to build constructions in order to stay safe, keep a comunity safe or maintain a territory safe. The Romans build forts along its borders and many other cultures/states/contries/ have build forts.

I always wanted to build an "old west" Playmobil Fort, so using paint, carton, glue, some Playmobil and most important: imagination, I decided to design, build and assembly a custom made Fort.

Step 1: Building the Walls

The materias y used are:

- Carton, from boxes (recycled material)

- Blue, white and brown paint (water-based paint)

- White glue

- Imagination (XD)

How it is made, it is really intuitive. You can add all the details you prefer, make a fort the double of size, a Roman fort, a medieval fort/castle, or some futuristic (Halo type) fort.

An important detail that will help you a lot and improve the quality of your fort is the assembly of the walls. In the pictures I show how it is made. Also the gate bar, intended to prevent a breach in the perimeter.

Step 2: Barracks, Watchtower and the Stable

The main building of the fort contains the barracks and the administrative office. The watchtower for observation and the stable will provide shelter to the horses.

Now it is time to put all the pieces together and play.



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