Playstation Mods

     I was doing some spring cleaning when I realized I had 2 ps1s, 2 ps2s, and 2 n64s.  I decided that I was going to mod them.  I looked online for the mods but found only modchips, and an led mod for the ps2.  I decided to do it, but i wired it differently than in the original mod.  For the ps1 mod, I couldn't find a single mod for them online other than modchips and painted cases.  I thought of what I could do to take this to the next level.  The mods cost me a total of less than $10.  I hope you enjoy. 

NOTE: I havn't modded the N64 yet so I'll be working on it soon.  If you have any suggestion for what I should do to mod it, just post a comment below. (;

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    6 years ago

    You could make it a portable n64 just look up on instructalbes portable n64


    8 years ago on Introduction

    THE PLAYSTTIONS GONE NUCLEAR RUNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!! lol awesome ps mods


    You could create a rom reader from the N64.  I attempted this once but I didn't finish.  I was young and easily...Shiny!!.  Um, well, that is just one idea for a total mod.  I don't remember if it will play games anymore but you are able to backup your game saves and games.  As for an appearance mod, there are some portable mods out there that you can do if you have the tools.  I don't know about appearance.  I was going to say something like a rocket or plane.  Starfox immediatly came to mind but I checked and I have seen a couple similar ideas.  Well, have fun with it.

    1 reply

    Thanks for the ideas. I was going to make a portable one, but I'm in the process of building a MAME cabinet so my funds will be low for a while.  But ill see what i can do for the rom reader :)