Pleated Duct Tape Flower

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Sure, there are MANY duct tape flowers out there, but this one will catch everyone's eyes! This simple, easy-to-make duct tape flower only takes a few minutes to make and is gorgeous to display around your house or even at a wedding reception. Changing the colors of the duct tape you use can change the overall effect of the flower, too. In this instructable, I used pink and green duct tape.

  • Green Duct Tape
  • Pink Duct Tape

Time Taken: 5 minutes
Skill Level: On the easy side of Medium

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Step 1: Rip the Tape

Take the pink tape (or whatever color of petals you are using) and rip off a length of about 9 inches. You may want to go a bit longer, depending on your pleat size. It really just depends. Usually I end up adding a small section to the strip because I run out of tape in the process of pleating the flower, but it still turns out just as well.

Step 2: Pleat It!

Now you are to pleat the tape. Although most of you may know how to do this already, some of you may not. You basically hold one side of the tape with one hand, and then sort of fold the duct tape with your other hand. As you pleat the strip, go around in a circle. Don't worry if you run out of tape; just rip a small section off and stick it on, then keep on pleating until you reach the end of the circle!

Step 3: Pinch It!

Next take the flower from the bottom and pinch it together. Look at the pictures for this part to see how I did this, but you mainly just pinch the bottom a few times and you're done with this step.

Step 4: Adding the Stem

To make the stem, start out by ripping the green tape to however long you would like it. Then, stick it to the underside of the flower. First fold one side of the tape all the way down, evenly and flat. Then fold the other side into the middle.

To curl your stem like I did, just twist the stem up very tightly and then unwind it.

Step 5: You Are Done!

Voila! There you have a wonderful duct tape flower! Place it anywhere around your house and show it off to your friends! :)

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    4 years ago on Introduction

    tried and failed... it looks really pretty tho, I wish I was able to perfect it! and with the limited materials, its even more convenient, cuz most flowers involve wire, which I dont wanna have to go out and buy. But with it being just tape, its easier for people like me with limited resources :) just a little too hard for me though