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Introduction: Pleather Hooded Opera Cape / Short Cloak

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I took a poodle skirt pattern, cut it so it had a 20 inch waist at the top.  
I sewed everything but 1 side seam, which makes the front opening to the cape.
The hood I created by taking a hoodie and laying the hood portion flat on a newspaper and traced a pattern to cut.
Then, I sewed two pieces made with pattern together, to make the hood.
Make sure the hood has a bottom of 20 inches( 2 -10 inch bottoms on each hood pattern piece).
Sew the hood to the "waist" of the poodle skirt and you are done. Use a fancy pin or brooch for closure at the neck.
Cape can  be worn off to the side with hood as cowl neck.
It can also be worn belted under the bustline due to the generous amount of material.

It can be worn as skirt as well, fastened with pin or brooch, the hood can be tucked in or ruched on outside to create fabric detail at waistline.

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