Plexiglass Server Rack

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I had these two motherboards from some Mini-PCs that I took apart and decided to make a small "rack" (more of a custom case) for them to sit in instead of just lying around. I used plexiglass and hot glue to make the main frame and the plastic tubes to make fan mounts (not shown).

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Step 1: Materials

Of course you will need plexiglass and some motherboards to create this. To attach the plexiglass I used hot glue but any other adhesive will work. another thing that is needed are computer fans to cool the thing, I will be using some of the random fans just lying around (not pictured).

Step 2: Create the Basic Frame

Depending on the size of motherboards that you are using, you might have to improvise. I used motherboards that were around the size of M-ITX (If you know what that is), and they had an I/O Shield attached to the back I/O. The I/O shield allowed the motherboard to stand up so that I could have them vertical rather than horizontal, if you are using a motherboard that does does not use an I/O shield like mine, you might have to have them horizontal. To make the dividers, I used scrap pieces of plexi-glass.

Step 3: Cooling

On the back piece of mine, I have holes that I will use for ventilation. I will also be using the plastic pipes to make struts/bars for more fans to go over top.

Step 4: Done!

The whole point of this instructable was to give you IDEA'S, not to tell you how to make exactly what I made! Be creative!

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    3 years ago

    how did you secure your power-supplies? Do you have more photos?