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Introduction: Pliers & Drivers Holder

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What you will need.


1.) Skill Saw (or something to cut wood with

2.) Sand paper

3.)Drill & Drill bits

4:)Super glue & Wood Glue


1.) router or multi-purpose tool (Dremel) with router bits

2) Spray paint

3.) Wood filler


1.) 2 ft. of 1-1/2 in. PVC

2.) 1/2 in. x 3 in. x 1-1/2 ft. Common wood (I just used scraps from a fence)

3) 2 ft. of 1 in. round dowel

4) 2 ft. of 5/16 in. round dowel or metal rod.

5) Small wood screws

Step 1: PVC

Take your 1-12 in. PVC and measure out 2 in. sections and cut for a total of 10.

-Now I only had a skill saw so my cuts did not turn out as straight as I wanted but that can be fixed later.

line up the 10 2 in. PVC into a row and superglue them as shown.

-I used a good amount to make sure they held together. Also I placed them on my bench and against the wall between two boxs to get them lined up before gluing.

Let dry according to maximum dry time on your glue directions.

Step 2: Wood

(note all we are making are the thing shelve up and probably can be bought and drilled)

Measure and cut 2 8 in. equal length pieces.

On one 8 in. board place the 1 in. dowel and trace where it will go making sure that you leave a good amount of space from the edges so that when you drill it out it wont shred apart. Now draw out design as shown.

Clamp the 2 pieces together and cut. while still clamped yo can also use a 1' Hole saw bit for down to get equal pieces.

Now router and sand to clean it up.

Step 3: ​Assembly

Assemble the side's and 1 in. dowel first. Then place the PVC at an angle and drill holds on the left and right side's of the wood and line it up with left & right of the PVC. Using wood screws screw the pvc and wood together. Now mark just under the PVC on the sides and drill out a hole for rod so that it runs just under them.

Now Sand and clean up and place tools on it.

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