Plinth Eastwood Nr. 0033



Introduction: Plinth Eastwood Nr. 0033

This need little one can be places on it's side, it's feet or used as a hanging lamp. Again designed and build according to the keep-it-simple-and-stupid (KISS) principle. Enjoy the show folks!

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Step 1: The Stash

The needed materials is as minimal as the design. A fitting, power cord, power socket plug, pinewood 12x28mm, 2mm (stainless) steel cable, and an aluminium clip. I used seven feet of pinewood.

Saw the pieces in lengths of 150mm and on both sides with an angel of 70 degrees. Make little pieces that will rest on the side of the fitting. The little pieces have an angle of 70 and 90 degrees. Glue them together with wood glue. Optional: add 2mm drill holes for toothpicks joints for a stronger bond.

Step 2: SEKOND

You can get an excellent pendle at Ikea. It's named SEKOND and costs 5 euros. Only thing to wire on it is a wall socket plug. Optional: use a dimmer switch for softer lighting.

Step 3: Wired Feet

If you've completed the feet (three pieces or more) you need to make 2mm drill holes in them for fixation with the the (stainless) steel wire. Run the wire through the holes and fixated it with an aluminum clip. I made two rows of drill holes to make it more stable. I can imagine that one row maybe enough..

At this moment you can stop and enjoy your new lamp. Or..advance to the next step!

Step 4: Blinds

If you want to hide the light bulb a bit more you can add blinds to your little project. Saw some thin pieces of triplex in your desired format. Glue the piece by piece with wood glue on the pinewood feet.

Step 5: Shine Baby. Shine!

And there we have another authentic Plinth Eastwood!

Warning: be safe and don't leave this DIY unattended.

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