Plinth Eastwood Nr. 0056

Introduction: Plinth Eastwood Nr. 0056

This tiny lamp is 25cm high. The feet are made from oak wood. A compostable saladebowl is used as a lampshade.

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Step 1: Making and Fixating the Feet

Cut the two pieces of oak wood (18x12mm) in an angle of 80 degrees. Glue the feet with construction kit (optional: glue toothpicks in 2mm drill holes). Height of the vertical piece of wood is 20cm. The horizontal piece is 11cm in length. The feet are then inserted through two holes and fixated with hot-glue.

Step 2:

Drill two sideway holes in the E14 fitting for the wiring to pass true. After connection seal it tight with hot-glue. After a short cooling-down period the fitting and wiring are brought in to place and fitted with some last hot-glue.

Step 3:

And voila! There you have yourself a need little Plinth Eastwood! Use an adjustable cord-switch and a low wattage light bulb. Or a LED light bulb.

Warning: be safe and don't leave this DIY unattended.

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