Plumbing Pipe Headphone Stand

Introduction: Plumbing Pipe Headphone Stand

My friends have been asking me to post a guide on how to make this so why not make it my first instructable ever. It's relatively simple and very cheap to do. I originally got the idea from urban outfitters and wanted to recreate that for myself.

All the parts can be bought at your local Home Depot or Lowes in the plumbing section. The stand is made from the metal pipes pieces and not pvc which I think is more aesthetically pleasing. For the 5 pipe pieces all together cost around $15.00 with the screws, nuts and washers (I didn't have any lying around that would work) that was another $5.00. The only tools you should need are a drill and screwdriver.

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Step 1: Gather the Parts

The first thing you should do is plan where you want your Headphones to sit. I have a little shelf as part of my desk that I thought would work. I also wanted it so the headphones would hang in front of the shelf instead of right in the middle. Once you pick your placement, mark the holes and drill baby drill.

Step 2: Put Everything Together

This next step is legos easy. You just put everything together.

Step 3: Fin

Simple. Cheap. Easy. I loved the plumbing pipe so much that I made a couple more things with it. I used it as a flagpole to hang a picture banner and also as an overhead shower light using puck lights.

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