Plumeria Plants, Terms and Definitions for Plumerias and Other Tropical Plants, Part One

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Plumeria plants are gaining more and more popularity worldwide as more information about growing and rooting methods become available. For the average gardener it is important to understand the lingo he or she encounters when reading about tropical plants, plumeria plants in particular.

This is part one of a multiple part series of terms for plumeria gardeners. The list of terms is in alphabetical order and can easily be filed for future reference. This reference series is very helpful when communicating with other knowledgeable plant lovers and gardeners . By using the same terms describing issues about plumerias moves the discussion along since these terms have you speaking the same language.
Part One covers letters “A” through “I”. Part Two of this Plant Terms Series will begin with the letter “J”. Stay tuned for Part Two with the remaining alphabetical listings of terms and definitions from the world of plumeria plants and tropical plants in general.



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