Plus Size Barbie (The Doll With More to Love)

Introduction: Plus Size Barbie (The Doll With More to Love)

I found a box that I fit in that also allowed room for me to move around and i cut a rectangle out of the front of the box.
Next, I attached bungee cables to the inside/ back of the box to make it like a backpack. Then I secured the bungee cables with duct tape to assure that they would not come loose and fall off the box while I was walking around.
To assure that noone could see the bungees or the duct tape on the back, I glued a poster board to the back of the box.
After that, I painted the enitre box pink and added some details to my liking.
To make the product pop, I printed Barbie logos and other items that you would find on a Barbie box. I then glued them to the box.
To add a bit of humor to my costume, I made my own decal with "Paint" that said "Plus Size" and glued it above the Barbie logo. I also added a story to the back that said things such as "This is the doll with me to love". and "Barbie has many boyfriends but this doll only needs love from one person. You!"
On the side I glued madeup items to list as "Coming soon" Examples: Barbie m16 and Gothic Barbie.
Not only was the costume fun to wear and got a lot of great laughs but, it also was cheap to make and I was able to wear my own clothes with it because the box was the main focus! (:

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    4 years ago

    This is so adorbs lol