Introduction: Plush TARDIS

A very good friend of mine is a fellow Whovian, so I made her this plush TARDIS pillow. She liked it. :-)

Step 1: Materials

  • Blue fleece
  • Black fleece
  • Polyfill (10 oz. or so)
  • Scrap of linen
  • Thread (blue, black, white)

  • Cutting stuff
  • Measuring stuff
  • Sewing stuff
  • Reference TARDIS

Step 2: Cutting

Cut out the following pieces:
  • Four 14" by 7" blue pieces for the walls
  • Three 7" by 7" blue pieces for the floor and ceiling
  • Four 7" by 2" black pieces for the trim
  • Eight 2" by 2" black pieces for the windows
  • One 1.5" by 1.5" linen piece for the sign (not shown until later)
Of the squares, cut two of them in half, diagonally. You now have four triangle pieces to use for the ceiling.

Step 3: Basic Walls

Sew the black trim piece on the short edge of a wall piece.

Center the long edge of a triangle piece along the black trim, and sew it on as shown.  Cut off the excess corners.

Repeat for the other three walls.

Step 4: Windows

Place two 2" black squares about 2" down from the trim, centered, with about 0.5" space between them.

Use white thread and a zig-zag stitch to sew the frames, then the panes.

Step 5: Signage

While not strictly necessary, adding the little white sign looks pretty nice, I think. I just used a scrap of linen, about 1 1/2" square.

Sew around the edges with white thread, then zig-zag a few scribbles on the sign in black thread.

You can also make two little straight stitches in white for the door handles.

Step 6: Assembly

Now, we assemble the four walls.

Place two walls with the good side facing each other, and sew up the long side, continuing up to the peak. Keep sewing the pieces, good side together, until you have just one little opening big enough to flip the TARDIS inside-out.

Step 7: Stuffing

Adding the stuffing, use small handfuls of stuffing to keep the pillow from turning out lumpy. I didn't learn this trick until afterward, unfortunately.  You may need quite a bit, it seems to be bigger on the inside.

Once you're satisfied with the firmness of the TARDIS, close it up by hand-stitching the opening.

All done!  Now for some fish sticks and pudding.

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