Plywood Pencil Box




School is on the horizon and my little one is starting 3K. He has to have a killer pencil box right? Sure a plastic one from target is $1 and ready to go. But it's just not quite his style. Or mine?

So with the budget looming above my head I chose to use all recycled stuff. Should n't be hard to do. The lid is actually upside down. Because I put his name on it and will try to keep him anonymous until he is ready to unleash his first ible. Hope you like it.


Step 1: Plywood Stock

This is just stacked and glued 3/4" oak plywood. I actually made a piece for another project and kept my drops because i'm a plywood junkie.

Step 2: Cutting Out Pieces

I ripped them down on the table saw. Ended up being 5/8' by 4" by 12"

Step 3: Dado

Did not use a dado blade. Just moved the fence a little to get the witdth 1/4" for the lid to move in. and did the bottom enough to hold the bottom piece of plywood. Both the lid and bottom is a piece of 3/16" luon.

Step 4: Cut and Glue

I cut it out on the chop saw. I just butt joined the box and clamped together with the bottom in place to square it up.

The lid is slid in place and has a piece of plywood glued on top for a finger hold. I forgot to take pics before I put his name on it. If you want to see it,PM me and i'll send you a pic. If youre like me, you'll get the jist. The color difference between fabrication and end product is a cherry stain. It turned out a little too dark so I sanded it a little. Then shot it with a clear varnish.

Step 5: Voila

Hope that you enjoyed.



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    2 Discussions


    2 years ago

    Really cool the way you ripped the plywood to get the stripe effect. Used to make these with my students but with pine. We used acrylic plastic for the sliding lid. I really like your creative take on it and the fact that you recycled the plywood in a creative way.


    2 years ago

    This turned out beautiful! Fun project.... Thanks for sharing