Plywood Guitar Stand





Introduction: Plywood Guitar Stand

A guitar stand made out of recycled bits of plywood. Cheap, eco friendly and efficient.

Why spend money on a stand when you can build one for practically next to nothing?

Items needed.

Plywood Offcuts

Step 1: Get a Plan and Cut It Out!

Draw on your sheet of plywood what you want to stand to look like. The best thing to do is to look on the internet for stands that people already made and get you ideas from there.

Do you want it to be portable?
Do you want it to fold out?
Do you want the neck to be supported?

I chose to have a portable collapsible stand that supports the body.
Cut one of the sides out and trace it out on the leftover piece of plywood to make the second upright.

Step 2: Router the Edges

Router the outside edges ( not the back of bottom) and sand it down to have a nice smooth and rounded out finish.

Step 3: Assembly

Start by screwing the two uprights in the back with the hinge.

also, you might want to screw a little chain such as the ones found in bathrooms to hold the drain plug to prevent the stand from spreading apart when the guitar is resting on it.

Step 4: Finishing.

Paint it, stain it, leave it natural, enjoy your brand new cheap stand.

My stand will soon get a high gloss candy red finish, but for now it has an unique bare plywood finish.

Let your imagination run wild, try different concepts!



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    18 Discussions

    i did it by roughly drawing it out on the plywood, i dont own that guitar anymore so i cant provide any measurements. sorry! Anyways, looking back, i find that i could have greatly improved the design.

    just built one of these! snapped two jigsaw blades and it came out a littlerough... i was using some crappy wood that my neighbors were throwing out and a wallet chain for the chain but it works great! ill put up pics later

     Very cool! I may have to try this out today, I made a few PVC stands a while ago and the back just doesn't support my heavy Peavey T-60 very well (fixed with a jubilee clamp), and they aren't nearly as portable or nice looking as this. I made a similar design for an amp stand last year, and I have yet to publish an instructable about it. Thanks for the idea, this is great!

    Yeah, I've noticed lots of people don't know how to use a paint program to rotate pictures or adjust the brightness/contrast/gamma before posting them. Maybe someone should do an instructable on this (just searched and didn't yet find one).

    I think that instructables should include an option to rotate uploaded pictures. Practically all other sites offer that option...

    This is very cool and would fit in the pocket on the back of my guitar bag. To take this down a notch on tool and skill requirements, you could make this out of cardboard laminated together with white glue. All you need is a box cutter or scissors and a wood rasp to finish the edges. Glue all the layers at once and put something very rigid and heavy on top. Cardboard becomes very stiff when you criss-cross the direction of the corrugated layers Three layers might be all you need for this. I have made hinges by gluing Tyvek between cardboard layers. You can get free Tyvek from Federal Express envelopes. One envelope is a lifetime supply unless you're going into mass production. For this project I might wrap and glue Tyvek to every edge that the guitar might touch to protect the finish. To minimize finishing the edges after gluing, cut the cardboard as close to the pattern as possible before you glue it. The hardened glue makes it harder to shape.

    Thanx man! I build the stand in a few hours! It was really easy and quick! I customised it a bit for my classical guitar

    Just some stuff: Can you put some foam or velvet to protect guitar? I don't want two identically spaced lines on the side of my guitar. The finish is really weak and I already have 3 dints

    1 reply

    Cool build... Although, any chance that we could get some measurements on the stand? Like, how tall is the stand and how wide? Or best a PDF with measures in there... Thanks and good idea :D

    1 reply

    I made mine according to my guitar, I made sure it was as tall as the whole body, and once it was hinged i put the chain to prevent the stand from opening too wide.

    I've seen similar designs made from nice woods going for big bucks!!!!

    Cool idea with the folding bit. I did something similar to this a while ago for my bass guitar, except I used 2x4's and sewed some pads for where the guitar touches the stand. +