Plywood Mini Planter / Flower Pot

Introduction: Plywood Mini Planter / Flower Pot

Got plywood? Want to plant something? Few not that difficult steps and your new planter will be ready!

Step 1: Design

SketchUp is very easy to learn and designing in 3D isn't that difficult with it.

I measured the piece of plywood I found lying around and put it into SketchUp.

Then I decided what size of the base I want and what angles I like. I set 15 degrees tilt. All I needed was finding where sides will intersect. The design was ready for measurements.

Step 2: Measurements and Cutting

Then I took the measurements from SketchUp and drew them on my plywood. I made cuts with handsaw, but it is mush easier to do it using a jigsaw.

Step 3: Glue It Together

I used a staple gun and a wood glue to put it all together. This is quite easy, but it's worth to clamp one piece to your workbench and keep the second piece in your hand while stapling it together.

Step 4: Paint and Plant

I decided to paint it white with exterior wood paint. This way my planter will last longer. Linseed oil or any other protective treatment is fine.

When it dries it is ready for planting. You can use black plastic foil as a lining before putting soil inside. That will additionally protect the wood from rotting. If you need your planter to have drain, drill few holes on the bottom. 5 mm drill bit should be fine. Remember to waterproof the bottom!

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