Pneumatic Marble Gun





Introduction: Pneumatic Marble Gun

A gun with 15mm barrel powered by compressed air and a modified sprinkler valve.

Total Cost of progect: $85AUD aprox.

Hell powerfull but a little hard to aim, anyone got any ideas on sights?



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    Type in sprinkler valve mod and then tap on the one that says "sprinkler valve modification more power"

    Jurius V, search on instructables, how to mod a sprinkler valve.

    How do you modify the sprinkler valve? Right now I have a ball valve PVC air gun but want to make an metal one with the sprinkler valve

    I made a scope from a pair of old binoculars. I split one side off then taped it to a scrap piece of pipe.

    The barrrell is 15mm and the keeps marbles fairly loosly they just roll down the barrell. I think it is fine for paintballs aswell but dont have any to try. There will be a standard paintball size or barrell size. Browze the net, paintballs arn't the cheapest ammo arround though.

    Hehe, try coating your marbles with cellophane. cellophane tapes arent really made to cover curved surfaces, but that what makes small pieces of cellophane all over the marble. they are kinda springy, so it seals pressure, prevent ammo from rolling out, but is not too tight. its cheap and is a quick fix.

    Now you can shoot downwards. however, its not stable enough to be stored for weeks. after a while, the cellophane open up slowly, but its not much of a problem. still cant find a viable replacement thats as cheap and easy but stable. When you can find, please share the idea. id appreciate good ideas

    for one, these guns arent meant to be used for fun shooting other people. Actually its still possible, but use soft bullets. Also, single shot and you need to pump it back. unless if theres a backpack reservoir to refill the gun. also, reloading these types of guns are messy, unless if youre using symettrical projectiles. i.e. batteries, marbles. im currently finding a way to cycle nail darts with a slide action. still not sure if can be done. final sketch is done, in google sketchup, but not really sure to pursue. also, im having A levels this month

    Sights for 15mm pipe. i used them for my gun. you can see the sample on my first gun

    its a PET bottle neck cut from the bottle. Then I cut a notch on a side. most normal bottles fit nicely around 15mm pipes.

    not sure what you would want for the rear sights. note: i prefer sights instead of scopes for less precise-homemade guns. if you get actual scopes the main challenge is to calibrate it and to keep it undisturbed

    i think i have an idea. after the sprinkler valve, theres a tee right?(above the trigger handle) what if you can attach two vertical rods on both left and right of the tee. maybe pens? then you can tie horizontal strings above the tee by tying at the 2 rods. attach a few strings for different range. i.e. the lower string aligned with front sights makes the gun almost horizontal. calibrate for 10meters. another higher string aligned with the front sight makes the gun to aim slightly above horizontal. use this for maybe 20meter/30?

    then after some calibrations, you can surprise people with the badass accuracy of a sprinkler valve and the variable sights. just make sure you set a standard pressure. more pressure, faster bullet, flatter trajectory. different pressure, different trajectory. good luck bro.

    can you please put a list of materials that are needed for this masterpiece

    you could hose clamp a sight rail on to it someone ells did that and it worked grate

    Thinking maybe you could maybe attach some kind of sighting device to the top of the barrel with duct tape