Pocket Abacus

Intro: Pocket Abacus

Just in case you dont have a pencil and paper, calculator, or smart phone...

Step 1: Gather

1) 550 Cord 2) Measuring device 3) Scissors or knife 4) 15 Nuts, washers, or anything that will fit on the cord 5) Lighter (Optional)

Step 2: Measure and Cut

4 stands 1@18" and 3@12" just for some room to adjust

Step 3: Tie

Tie the 18" at the ends and slightly off center with the other 3

Step 4: Layout (Optional)

I laid all of them out because I didn't want two washers next to each other.

Step 5: Plan

Lay the 3@12" strands over the 18" strand and visualize where you are going to tie.

Step 6: Tying

Slide the top obect on and tie

Step 7: And More Tying

Slide the other 4 on, tie the bottom, and repeat for the other two.

Step 8: Cut and Melt

To give it a cleaner look and secure it a little better. Cut close to the knots, take the lighter to the ends, and blow it out.

Step 9: Finish

You are ready to take on the world of math... Well up to 999... This picture reads 369 if you weren't sure. Enjoy! Vote if you like!



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    Never would of thought of that


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