Pocket Buddy Key Chain

Introduction: Pocket Buddy Key Chain

In my class Mechanical Drawing we had to make for a project Pocket Buddy Key Chains, I made Tsunayoshi Sawada, Reborn from Reborn!, but known as in japan as Katekyō Hitman Reborn!, and i made Kid Phantom Thief from Detective Conan/ Case Closed and Magic Kaito 1412.

And right now the designs on my characters and how they are laid out may be changed and i am in the process of make all of Tsuna's(Tsunayoshi Sawada's nickname) guardians, there's 6 of them.

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Step 1: Materials and Tools

Materials and Tools used:

- 3mm Baltic Birch wood, the material that your Pocket Buddy Key Chain will be

- A computer with the Auto Cad 2016 and Corel Draw programs installed, to create and be able to print what you have drawn

- CO2 40 w laser, to be able to cut out your design

- Wood glue, to glue multiple pieces together

- Clamps, to hold your pieces together so they don't move when you first glue them

- Sand paper, to sand off the laser burn marks (it is optional)

Step 2: Draw Your Design

First you will need to know what design you will want to be drawing. Maybe its like mine a character from a show you watch, or a logo or your own design ect., if its like mine then you can copy a picture from the internet and paste it of Autodesk and trace it or just draw it the best you can by looking at it. tracing is easier and it takes less time, for me each character took around 2 class periods so like 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Step 3: Printing Out Your Design

After you have finished your design you want to take your saved file of your design to the computer that is hooked up with your laser, and open up Corel Draw and import the saved file of your design and make sure the outline of your design is made out of white lines and the detail within your design is made with red lines because if your detail lines are white lines your design will be in pieces and not connected at all and if they are all red lines it will just make detail lines on the board and not cut it.

Step 4: Gulling Your Design Together

Last step is getting your cut out pieces and gulling them together and you want clamps to hold the pieces together after you just put glue on your pieces so when the glue is drying the pieces don't move and become not lined up.

When it is glued you can then sand paper it (its optional) i did not sand paper mine but you can.

Step 5: There's No Step 5 Just Updates From Here on Out C:

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    3 years ago

    I do not have a download at the moment because i am still working on other characters and stuff on the file.


    3 years ago

    Very creative!