Pocket Crossbow




Introduction: Pocket Crossbow

This is a small yet powerful pocket crossbow which requires little time and skill to make
However it can fire up to 60ft(only with two elastic bands)
Max recorded range = 81ft

Can cause serious injury
Use sensibly
I do not take any responsibility

If using more than one elastic band make a groove in the pencil so the clamp can hold it

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Step 1: What You Need

What you need
Ruler (15cm)
Triangle(90•) or a protractor(180•)
Paper clamp
Elastic band(s)
Pencils/other ammo

Step 2: The Body

Put the protractor/triangle at the end of the ruler and slightly under it. Then tape together so the two parts are firmly intact.

Step 3: Elastic Band

Elastic band

If using protractor:
Cut the elastic band in the middle so it is long and not circular
Put one end on the left and the other on the right of the protractor(upper side) and tape firmly to it

If using triangle:
Puncture two holes through the tape were the triangle and the ruler makes two triangles.
The cut the elastic band in half and insert each end through the hole and tape to the back

If you want more power then use two elastic bands and stick them together in the middle

Step 4: Firing Mechanism

This is very simple
Just stick the paper clamp a few centimetres from the back of the ruler

Step 5: How to Shoot

Use pencils or make your own

Now put the back of the pencil in front of the elastic band, open the clamp with your thumb, with you other hand drag the pencil and elastic band to the clamp, let go of the clamp, then when you fire press the paper clamp and this will release the pencil into the air

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