Pocket LED Light (like a Lightsaber a Bit.. Kinda Usefull)




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This Instructable hopefully shows u how to make a useful, handy, and probably fun pocket lamp.

1st off sorry for the image quality. the camera sux at close range even with macro on.
Also i had to draw the instructions as i have had this made for some time and don't have the bits to remake it (and I am not taking it apart :D)

Although i have made this thing a long time ago (long before the LED challenge) I still want to try and share how to make your own.

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Step 1: Materials.

Ok you will need:

1 Bright LED (i had a Blue one that was in the lighter i used to make mine, along with the battery case)

3 button cell battery's (3x AG3 i think)

1 plastic tube (wide enough to fit the button cells with room for wire and tape around them)

Tracing/transparent paper 8nice and frosted :3

clear tape (invisible scotch tape is best as it it is just like the tracing paper used)

black electrical tape.

thing to use as button (i got mine from an old laser pen it was the external nob used to press the momentary switch inside)

wire / paper clip (anything that can be used to make contacts and be used to make a switch too)


sharp knife (aways useful)

drill (for button hole)

soldering iron / solder (just in case ;)

Step 2: Assemble Some Guts.

Ok. 1st u will need to get the guts assembled..

Get the battery's and tape them together leaving the 2 ends exposed (1 positive and 1 negative)
Be sure the sides are sealed.

Then attach the LED as shown, and then the paper clip bit for the switch.

Tape the led down well and the paper clip too so they are tight on the battery's.
Be sure that the contacts for the switch are held in place and secure.

Test to make sure all is well and that the LED lights up ok.

Step 3: Prep the Tube.

carefully push in the Guts so that the battery's are flush with the end of the tube.
make a mark on the tube where the switch is. This will be where you drill the hole for the button.

Get the button and make sure it fits the hole wen u drill it.. Not too tight and not so it will fall out.

while the guts are in (remove them to drill clearly), measure a piece if tracing paper to fit in the tube. Make sure it fits neatly with no gaps, but don't let it go over the button.

Also cut out a peace of tape or tracing paper to cap the end later.

slip the tracing paper into the tube (this diffuses the light ya know), where it ends inside the tube is where the black tape must overlap.

cover the bottom part in black tape and cut a hole for the button. leave the end open.

Step 4: Assembly:

Put the button in its hole and carefully slide the guts in making sure they stay aligned.
If it is loose wedge a little paper next to the battery's to hold it in place.

Slip the tracing paper in and make sure its neat and no gaps are there, a little overlap inside is ok.

Put the clear end cap on. If its tape cut bits around the edge and fold over. if its paper then do the same and wrap a little tape round to keep it there.

Double check the guts are fitted in ok, and then tape up the base as neatly and secure as u can.

And then ure done :)

press button and u have a mini pocket strip light :D that is great for finding ure way in the dark, signaling things in bad weather conditions, clubbing, having light saber fights with the cat (its true :3 ). enjoy :3

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    i have some multi colour leds if i put them in a sword it would look crazy.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    very nice!! im gonna make a larger version of this, but im going to add a piece of black paper to the tube so when i use it, i wont be blinded (i intend to use this if i have car troubles at night)

    also a little tip: red light does not impair your night vision.

    the void!! it beckons me...like a cold hand, it guides me through a sea of darkness and despair into its dark abyss...

    1 reply

    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    kool u might wanna add a LED at both ends then :)

    also using RGB leds might be kool too :P i might just give that a try :3


    10 years ago on Introduction

    this is awesome mate.....looks lik a blue neon saber....m gonna make a longer version of this....ty...:)

    1 reply

    11 years ago on Introduction

    kool but dude...
    "a void of nothing that drags the very soul from you as you despair at its empty endless nothingness!!"
    lol -

    1 reply

    11 years ago on Introduction

    dude i'm totally gonna make a bigger version of this. can i get a "lightsaber"?


    11 years ago on Introduction

    hey this is awsum but i think i missed something. what keeps the guts in the bottom? so that is doesnt fall into the main (diffused) part

    2 replies

    11 years ago on Introduction

    Very easy to do. You would most likely want to add in a resistor though, but 3 1.5v batteries is probably okay, but I would add one in anyways. :P Nice job, I just got a TON of blue LEDs that I salvaged from this thing.. might try this out, looks great (yours) in the end. Nice job once again!