Pocket Pals - Emoji




Emojis are great fun and this pocket pal project is an interesting way to introduce younger kids to the art of hand stitching.

Using running stitch, whip stitch and blanket stitch kids can create pocket size toys with a touch of their own creative flair.

This is a project to have fun with.

Step 1: Materials

Selected felt colours - Yellow, Black/Dark Brown, White, Red

Thread to match the felt





Step 2: Template

Create your template by drawing the emoji shapes and features.

I copied an image from my phone by tracing a glass for the large circle and buttons for the smaller ones.

Or print a picture that you can cut out.

Step 3: Cutting Out the Fabric

Pin your templates to the felt. Carefully cut around the outside of each template.

I find it easier to cut one layer of felt at a time.

Step 4: Blanket Stitch

Place the large circles on top of each other.

Using blanket stitch, stitch around the outside, leaving a small gap for filling.

Step 5: Filling

Fill with nylon filling.

Use blanket stitch to close the gap.

Step 6: Add the Features .... Mouth

Position the mouth and stitch in place.

You could use Running Stitch or Whip Stitch.

Step 7: Tongue

Position the tongue in the middle of the mouth. Stitch along top edge.

Step 8: Eyes

Position the eyes according to your design. Stitch in place.

Changing the eyes is an easy way to change the emotion of your emoji. Check your phone for ideas.

Step 9: Complete

Your work is complete.

Have fun!

What about more designs?



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