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Introduction: Pocket Pals - Monsters

This is a project that I have used in my classrooms for a number of years. I change it every now and then to keep it interesting and to make sure that it best suits the students that I am teaching.

Students could create any character that they like. Cartoon characters are popular and so are monsters, aliens and ugly dolls.

I use this project with grade 6 but it could easily be modified for students in grades 4 - 7.

I have combined the stitching skills with Photoshop skills. My students learn Photoshop in the unit before this one so it is a way to reinforce these skills and to show students another way to use this program.

I hope that your students enjoy creating their own pocket pals.

By the way they are called pocket pals because they should be small enough to fit in a pocket.

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Step 1: Create Your Pocket Pal

Design your Pocket Pal using the templates on the photoshop file that you downloaded from the Google classroom.

Follow the instructions on the video above.

Or you could draw your design on paper.

Step 2: Create a Template

Once you have completed your design create your paper templates by following the video tutorial.

Save and print your templates.

Step 3: Materials and Equipment


Selection of coloured felt


Handful of polyester or nylon filling


Fabric scissors

Needle (with a large eye)


Step 4: Templates

Pin your templates to the felt.

Use scrap felt for the eyes, or other features.

Step 5: Cut Out

Carefully cut around each of the templates.

Remember to cut out two body pieces - a front and a back. You can use the same template twice.

Step 6: Thread the Needle

Thread your needle, bring the ends of the thread together and tie a knot.

For a reminder check the videos.

Step 7: Stitch on the Features

Position the features on to the front body piece.

Stitch in place using whip stitch or running stitch. For the best finish match the colour of your thread to the colour of your felt.

Again check the videos to revise these skills.

Step 8: Add a Mouth

For thin lines, like the mouth on the monster above, use back stitch.

Start sewing from the back of your work to hide the knots.

Step 9: Stitch the Body

Place the body front on top of the body back with all edges matching.

Using blanket stitch, stitch around the outside. Leave a gap for filling.

Step 10: Fill

Fill your pocket pal with polyester filling.

Don't push too much filling in. This may cause your stitching to break.

Step 11: Close the Gap

Using blanket stitch, sew the gap closed.

Now your pocket pal is ready to share with your friends.

Make a collection of pocket pals by changing the colour or shape of the body and adding extra features such as antennas, tails or horns.

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