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Haven't you ever been in a situation where you just wished you had a pencil? Now you'll never be caught without your trusty Pocket Pencilcase. So small it's the size of an Altoids container!!! You can use it at school, at home, at work, in the park, on the go, in your car, and many many more places where you might need something from your Pocket Pencilcase.


an altoids/mint tin to hold it all in
a pencil
an eraser,
a cheap pen or just the ink refill,
some paper,
a cheap sharpener,
a pair of mini scissors (if you have a pair small enough) or you can use sewing scissors,
a really small bottle,
a mini hole puncher,
a mini stapler,
two or three brass tabs,
a cardboard toilet paper or paper towel tube,
transparency paper or the sheets you get stickers off of.

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Step 1: What to Put in It.

Some suggestions to include in your Pocket Pencilcase are;
two mini-ized pencils (in case one breaks),
one mini-ized eraser,
one mini-ized pen,
one mini-ized tape roll,
some mini-ized papers,
one mini-ized sharpener,
a pair of mini-ized scissors (if you have a pair small enough) or you can use sewing scissors,
a mini-ized bottle of glue,
a mini-ized hole puncher,
a mini-ized stapler,
two or three brass tabs.

You can add anything you think you might need in your Pocket Pencilcase, if you have any new ideas of what to put inside the Pocket Pencilcase write it as a comment and explain how you could Mini-ize it.

Step 2: Time to Mini-ize.

Now, if you're going to want to fit any of these items in your Pocket Pencilcase you are going to have to mini-ize them. Well the mini hole puncher, mini stapler, scissors, and the two or three brass tabs are already mini, so you don't have to mini-ize them.
We've got to mini-ize
a pencil,
one eraser,
one pen,
one tape roll,
some papers,
one sharpener,
glue with a mini bottle.

To mini-ize the pencil, you'll have to cut one pencil in half and sharpen. If they are still too long then you can either cut of more of the other end, or you can sharpen them more.

To mini-ize the eraser, you'll have to cut it to the appropriate size and shape.

To mini-ize the pen, you'll have to take out the ink refill, and cut it down to size.

To mini-ize the tape roll, you'll have to get a cardboard paper towel tube and cut a small ring off of the end, then cover the outside of the ring in the transparency paper or sticker paper (make sure to get the glossy side up). Now get some tape and wrap it around the ring covered in transparency paper/sticker paper until the desired amount of tape is wrapped around itself.

To mini-ize the paper, just cut it as big as will fit in the container.

To mini-ize the sharpener, you'll have to take the sharpener blade out, all you need is the metal part inside all the plastic and stuff.

To mini-ize the glue, you just have to squeeze some white glue into a small bottle, like a glitter glue tube. You can also wrap the tape aroung your glue bottle if it is made of plastic.

Step 3: Now to Fit Everything In.

You can put the items in anyway they will fit. You can look at the picture to see how i did it, but you can do it however you feel.

Step 4: Extras

You can add various extras onto the Pocket Pencilcase. Some examples would be sticking a strong magnet on the back so you can stick it to your locker, car, fridge, etc. You can also glue a small strip of fabric on the back so you can put your belt through it, and wear it around your waist.

I hope you enjoyed my third instructable and please vote for my "ible" in the pocket sized contest.

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