Pocket Rifle (Knex Pistol)




About: I paint, write music, and used to build knex guns. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Studio Art. - updated 5/7/2014

Description: This is a high power knex pistol that will fit into your average front pocket. It has very good accuracy over a long range but shoots high so you need to aim low. it is approximately the same size as KILLERK's pistol but is (debatebly) more powerful and can fire any size rod (yellow rods work best) and can even fire twigs from trees, laugh out loud. The gun is very sturdy and the firing pin is difficult to remove from the back so that it is less likely to be accidentally pulled out during cocking. It is single shot, the trigger rotates clockwise to fire. It uses one cut part for the trigger (half a green rod) and duct tape on the firing rod pull. It uses firing elastics, a trigger elastic, and three elastics to keep three white rods in for extra stability.

You need a k'nex hinge to make this gun.

Step 1: Build

1: Build 2 of these.
2: Attach with 8 white rods as shown.
3: Make this.
4: Attach by connecting a white rod on either end as shown.
5: Add 3 white rods as shown. Pull an elastic from one end of the rod, over the top of the barrel, to the other end of the rod. Now each elastic keeps the rods from falling out of the holes. Refer to picture 16.
6: Make this (the green rod has been cut in half).
7: This is what the fully assembled trigger will look like when it is in the gun.
8: Add the trigger. Attach elastic as shown.
9: Make this.
10: Attach as noted.
11: Hold a gray connector pointing up like this.
12: Attach as noted.
13: Make this.
14: Add duct tape as shown.
15: Insert into gun. Add firing elastics as shown.

Step 2: Firing

1: Lightly pull back on the trigger as shown while pulling the firing rod back.
2,3: Load a rod.
4: Push the trigger down and forward (clockwise) with your thumb to fire.



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    5 years ago

    How does the trigger attach?


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Hey Oblivitus, this gun is one of the first ones i made, but i found out that using the big grey rod with good rubber bands make the rod bend, and also when it fires, the orange connector snaps out of place. What i did to fix these problems was not use the orange connector at all, and i use a smaller rod. Now i can use better rubber bands!
    This gun is awesome, please post more!!!! :)

    1 reply
    this nick is invalid

    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    same here. i haven't got enough pieces and i've built knex gun builder's pocket pistol and then said "omg. this guy is a weapon engineer.". it's very powerful, it has a true trigger and a mag(not removable). but when i put lots of rubberbands to hold teh ram, it brokes -_-.


    Reply 9 years ago on Step 1

    It allows you to put lots of elastics on the firing rod by preventing the hinge from collapsing.


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Yes, it is supposed to be cut in half, it will take a while to saw through one with scissors.


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    hey dumbo, it is a true trigger, and he is a knex GOD have u seen his guns...
    please dont write stupid comments. especially ones that call Oblivitus crazy.


    no "real" trigger?!? all you do is put a white rod in the grey connector and you've got a real trigger.

    yeah it goes the same with hair too, my antie is hairdresser and she gets $50 US for every hair cut because she uese fire, it decreases hair splits, you know?