Pocket Shooters


Introduction: Pocket Shooters

Today, I am making a pocket shooter. This little device can shoot small objects a very long distance. It can fold up and fit in you pocket.

Step 1: Stuff You Will Need

First you will need a regular sized balloon, scissors, and some kind of bottle with a large cap. Also a saw.

Step 2: Take Off the Top

Next, you will need to take off the top of the bottle. So, place your bottle down on something hard, and cut off the top using the saw.

Step 3: Trim It

Next trip the edge with some scissors.

Step 4: Take Off the Ring

Then, you want to take Off The ring WITHOUT damaging it.

Step 5: Cut the Balloon

Cut the balloon about a quarter of an inch from the top.

Step 6: Wrap It

Next, wrap the balloon around the bottom of the cap. Make sure the balloon is centered.

Step 7: Put the Ring Back On

Then, put the ring back on around the balloon.
This will keep it air tight.

Step 8: Tuck It

Lastly, tuck the excess balloon into the lip of the ring. I used a penny to push it under the lip.



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3 Discussions

The balloon stretches and launches the amo

Maybe I'm an idiot but how does it work?

This is great! Thanks for sharing your shooter!