Pocket Size Altoids Tin Survival Kit




Introduction: Pocket Size Altoids Tin Survival Kit

This is What I take with me when I go hiking, camping.

I wanted to try and make my own and I found that these items are going to work for me! You should try making one too :)

Small Pouch- Keep altoids tin in this
Altoids tin - Keep most contents in this
Storm Proof Matches - Start a fire
Paper - Making notes
Foil Paper - Boil water with
Small BIC Lighter - Start a fire
Cotton Ball - Helps to start a fire
Water Purification Tablets
Pain meds - For Pain!
Fishing string - To catch a fish
Fishing Hooks w/  floats - Use with the fishing string
Safety Pins - Lost a button or use as a fishing hook
Signal Mirror - signal for help
First Aid items - For cuts, sunburn or bug repellent
Pencil - writing with
Coffee Filter - filter debris from water
Alcohol Prep Pads - for cleaning cuts or starting a fire
Duct Tape - attaching two items together or leaving a mark on a tree
Pocket Saw - cutting small branches for tinder and fire
Wire - Tying something together
Whistle - Make some noise
Magnifying Lens - Make fire



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    Packing a touch plastic cloak of the type two handed out at music festivals is usually an honest plan, however, albeit you will squeeze one within associate. An Altoids tin, it'd preclude packing the rest a skinny trash bag will do an equivalent job, and you will be able to match it within. http://survivaloutfitter.co/u/66/100-things-that-run-out-first

    id keep in fishing line but make sure it is braided so u can use it other stuff other than fishing

    id keep in fishing line but make sure it is braided so u can use it other stuff other than fishing

    id keep in fishing line but make sure it is braided so u can use it other stuff other than fishing

    id keep in fishing line but make sure it is braided so u can use it other stuff other than fishing

    Very nice kit, better than some around here.

    May I throw my 2 cents in?

    - some items are there but there is too little of them to make good use of it. you need more duct-tape, more pins. The medic part is very small, two pieces of paper is too little. I know this would add to weight and volume, but things are there to be of some use.

    - some items are very unlikely to be of any use: did you try to boil water with tin foil? it's a nightmare. You end up tearing the foil and/or extinguishing the fire. plus you can't boil more than half a glass of it and that litle water is of no use.

    - fishing line? not really... Still wonder why so many kits include those. The chances of using them at the sea or by a river are below zero IMHO.

    - 2 is 1, and 1 is none... but you have 4 different ways of starting a fire. it's god but... may be a little too much?

    - you miss some musta-have: pracord or some other type or cord/rope . a razor blade, a compass

    - how about: zip ties (lots), a lenght of eletric wire, superglue (can be used for sutures too), a sewing kit, rubber bands, paper clips,

    hope not to bother you.... ;-)

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    Fishing line has more uses than for fishing. Use it as twine if necessary to tie whatever needs tying. Make a snare or in a really bad pinch I could suture a deep cut with it. Have you fished with an improvised line? It can, and has, been done. Of course it really depends on the body of water but a long pole across a section of water with four or five different lines and baited hooks. Come back in a few hours. Or look here for ideas http://www.practicalsurvivor.com/survivalfishing

    2 cents? I'm seeing more like 6 or 8 cents! LOL..joking...thanks for your thoughts. You have some points I will take into consideration. Im guessing you have experience in the outdoors? Like I said this works for me. As far as some of the other items you mentioned I do carry on me in a backpack, this is just what I carry in my pocket. Have a good one! Thanks for checking out my video :)

    Thank you! :-)
    I've also seen your other videos on Youtube and I like them!
    The Maxpedition Pocket organizer is another very good option.
    I've made one myself (it is some sort of knockoff I made myself with my sawing machine) and use it as my EDC

    Not much experienced in the outdoors, rather I'm a urban kind (the city is the new jungle somehow) and I actually use my EDC very ofthen (it is more a ED-USE). So I keep experimenting: keep what I use/need/works and strip the others.