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Dear Friends,

I made a pocket size Tic Tac Toe game using paper strips.. Its beautiful and can be carried during travel.

Its fun game for all age.

so lets get started

Step 1: What We Need and Different Quilling Shape Making

What We need ??

1. Quilling Paper strips

2. Glue

3. Paper quilling tools ( slotted pen, shaping molds, tweezers, scissors) etc

Here I will show how to make different shapes using quilling strips.
Quilling Roll : Insert a piece of quilling paper into the slot of your quilling tool;

Start rolling glue the last part

There are two types of roll,

tight roll and loose roll,

as per design requirement

For a tight coil: When almost done coiling, place glue near the end of the strip and roll to complete. And remove it from the tool.

For an loose coil: Finish the coil, then remove it from the tool and allow it to expand. Once it has fully expanded, add glue and press the strip carefully to secure.

Petal shape: Take a slightly lose coil & pinch the both end to form petal shape like the picture. Dome shape: Use a quilling mold to create a dome shape.

Step 2: Making of Malaysian Flower Petal Shape

I made this type shape on my earlier tutorials also.

Kindly refer the pictures for step step process.

Step 3: Making of Tic Tac Toe Board

I took a card board of size 12 cm x 12com for making board.

draw grid for tic tac toe game with pencil, as shown.

Step 4: Decoration With Tight Quilling Coils

Now I made 60 green tight quilling rolls, and 36 Malaysian Flower Petal Shape to decorate the board.

Step by step pictures are shown.

Step 5: Making Parts of Tic Tac Toe Snowman

1) for base I made 10 tight roll of beige colour ( using 1 strip for each)

2) For snow man body : 20 white and 20 pink dome shape (total 40) (using 2 strips for each)

3) For snow man face : 5 white and 5 pink dome shape (total 10) (using 1 strip for each)

4) For snow man cap: 5 orange and 5 purple dome shape (total 10) (using 1 strip for each) (dome made using pen)

5) For snow man nose : 5 orange and 5 purple tight roll (total 10) (using 2.5 cm strip for each)

6) For snowman eyes: I use very very tiny black beads (total 20)

Step 6: Making of Snowman for Tic Tac Toe

Now arrange all parts as shown in the picture to make snowman.

Step 7: Finally Done

Now My pocket size tic tac toe game done, and ready to play.

Lets play and enjoy.

If you like my creation, please VOTE for me !!



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    Really amazing idea ... Looking great.. Simply WOW ..!!

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