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This is a survival kit made from an Altoids tin. I decided to find the best components from the other instructables and some of my own and combine them into my own.

It Contains:
-5 strike anywhere matches (not shown) 
-a Swiss Army knife
-Fishing line (wrapped around a pen cap
-2 fishing lures
-a fishing weight
2 fishing hooks
-a personal information card (phone #, age, where you live)
-multiple band-aids
-a couple sheets of toilet paper
-a sheet that has survival information on it
-water purification tablets (not shown)
-duct tape
-a razor blade

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    If you are going to put the fishing line in there anyways, why not wrap it around something other than a pen cap to save space, like something else you could use. You could wrap it around the matches or around a small flint and steel fire starter.

    And if you were stranded in the middle of the woods, what do you use the razor blade for?

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    The razor blade has a variety of uses. You wouldn't want to have to use your other knife for any surgical needs. If your main knife beaks, it can be mounted onto a stick to make a makeshift knife. It can also be used to make a small animal trap, if you have the ingeneuity. Or you can use it on flint or a magnesium rod indtead of one of your good blades.