Pocket-Sized Dream Catcher




Introduction: Pocket-Sized Dream Catcher

This is a dream catcher that I am making a set of for my friend. It is a keyring wrapped in black leather with royal blue thread and teal beads that are easily found at your local craft or super store ( I recommend Wal-mart for the leather lacing, it is expensive anywhere else and they have three different colors for around three dollars). These dream catchers are fun to make and can be easily used for a pendant, charm, key chain or any type of decoration. If you want to learn to make your own I used this video's method http://youtu.be/CVSXXeFF-Gw . You can do and use whatever you like with these so have fun :]



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    if u want to learn how they r made u can go to the video I posted in the description :] it is a pretty simple video but I found it a little hard to see the thread she was using so if u have trouble let me know nd ill post a video :] lol killbox XD