Pocket-Sized Fishing Kit for Nearly Free

Introduction: Pocket-Sized Fishing Kit for Nearly Free

This mini kit allows you the basic concept of putting a hook into the water to catch fish in a very minimal fashion. The footprint of this kit is so small that you can store it almost anywhere. This kit can be added to a survival kit.

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Step 1: Parts List

1. Two bottle caps that fit together. These caps form the "case" for this kit. One slightly larger so the smaller one will fit snugly into the larger one.

2. Fishing hook

3. Hook weight

4. 8 lb Fishing line about 30 feet (with rubber band to hold line together)

5. steel washer

6.1/16 inch drill bit

Step 2: Drill a Hole

Drill through the side of the larger cap with 1/16 inch drill bit. The hole should be about halfway up from the bottom of cap.

Step 3: Thread the Line

Thread the line through the hole into the cap and tie it to the washer using several knots. This larger cap will serve as the handle of the fishing line.

Step 4: Tie Some More Knots

Leave a few inches from the end of the line and tie the weight. Finish by tying the hook to the end of the line. Ensure the knot is secure and trim off any excess line. Use the rubber band to hold the line together.

Step 5: Everything Fits Together

Everything fits into the larger cap. The smaller cap fits into the larger cap and a "case" is created. Ready for use, when needed.

Step 6: Label It

Label it for easy identification. I used a label maker to make the label sticker. A sharpie pen can also be used.

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