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Introduction: Pocket-Sized Spray Paint

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Hey internet, remember the Pocket Graffiti Pen?, instead of fainting while trying to tag something, try it with compressed air!

I am expanding on the same idea as PocketSized so he deserves most of the credit. :-)

Step 1: Supplies

You need:

-a pen with a fiber tip
-a pen tube with a hole in it
-compressed air/gas duster

The 10oz duster is a little big to fit in a pocket, but I have seen little air dusters at staples that would fit perfectly into a pocket.

Step 2: Assebly

Well its pretty much the same idea, remove the marker nib, and insert it into the ink blower. Next take your air supply, compressed gas duster, and remove the straw thinger.

Step 3: Final Assembly

Connect the ink blower to the nozzle on the gas duster, make it as airtight as possible. An idea on how to make the seal between the nozzle and the ink blower airtight, put sticky tack around the nozzle on the gas compressor and shove it into the ink blower.

Step 4: Let 'er Rip

thank you for your time.



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    you could steal the 45 degree nozzle on a canned air can and put it on a butane can. butane cans are smaller and last for quite a while. only problems are that butane is really flammable and i dont know if the gas could damage the quality of the paint.

    2 replies

    LOL i blew up a can of butane once

    it was about the same size as a 400ml spray can if i remember

    Using an air duster can would make the in freeze anyway.

    thank you soo much, ive been trying to find a way to make a cheap but high quality spray painter, and i found it!!! yay!

    montana spraypaint sells cans a little smaller than an axe can for less than 5 bucks just to save you guys some trouble and money

    4 replies

    I looked at their website a couple of months ago and can't really make heads or tails of it... It's too art based of a website, which isn't bad, but if you're trying to find Paint it's a bit difficult... Any tips?

    I had trouble with the montana website as well there is a website (oinkartltd.com) that sells all of the different kinds of montana cans. They have great customer service. I would highly reccomend them. Also, search for them on youtube, they have lots of videos testing their products :)

    Even after a year I wasn't expecting a response. Thanks for the link, I'll check it out.

    sure, no prob

    by the way, if you have any questions, you can email James, (the owner of the site), and he'll get back to you really quick :)

    cheers _

    If you used copper pipe and stored the fuel somewhere else you could make a FLAMETHROWER

    haha nice idea those smaller canistors will ahve to be a LOT smaller you can get tiny cans of spray paint from my local hardware store for about 3 quid but its still a good way of improvisong you could try it woth those blo-pens but there real messy

    it was free, i had everything within my sitting distance of my office chair..