Pocket Survival Kit Grande

Introduction: Pocket Survival Kit Grande

About: I enjoy DIY and like sharing my ideas especially about survival.

This is my first instructable so bear with me. This is one of my many survival kits. I know you are probably sick of survival kit instrucatables, but I am just giving instructables a shot here. I would love any suggestions in the comments.

Here goes.....

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Step 1: Fire

FIRE! A very important part of survival. In my kit I have the following:

4 matches

1 striker

1 home made fire starter

1 candle

These should help me on the way to a few easy fires. The candle can be used as a fire starter and the matches can be split if need be (i am planning on adding more matches however)

Step 2: Hunting and Fishing

Getting food and water in a survival situation can be vital. These following items can assist you as you do just that.

1 fishing lure

1 medium sized fish hook

1 sinker

3 ft of line

2 ft of wire

The wire can be used to make snares and i have included just about everything you need to catch a fish.

Step 3: First Aid

Treating and keeping small cuts clean can keep you from getting sick. Holding together large gashes can do the same. This section of my kit can do both.

2 ahesive bandages

1 butterfly bandage

1 benadryl

The adhesive bandages were pressed by a heavy book, benadryl cut and the butterfly bandage folded to save space.

Step 4: Food and Water

This set of items is for getting clean water and preparing food

2 water purification tablets (each purifying 1 gal)

1 pack salt

1 sq ft aluminum foil

1 water balloon

The tablets are for their obvious purpose. The salt can be used to preserve meat and for first aid and the aluminum foil for boiling water or cooking food. And the balloon is not for water fights. it is to hold water. (nothing to a condom, but can still hold a good cup or two and takes up less space)

Step 5: General Survival Tools

These following items are just tools that didn't fit in other categories.

4 ft twine

1 sq inch sand paper

1 compass

2 ft duct tape

1 safety pin

1 razor blade (not pictured)

The rope and duct tape can be used to repair anything as well as for first aid. The compass obviously for navigation. Sandpaper is something i don't see in many kits but i think can be used almost as a back up blade for working with wood and the safety pin for repair and first aid. the razor blade can be used to make kindling for fire, tools to hunt with, and much more.

Step 6: Packing It All In

i like to put the flat things at the bottom, then the larger items and everything after that.

I hope you enjoyed this instrucatable! please share wat you thought below. God Bless

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    2 Discussions


    3 years ago

    Water, fire, shelter, food are usually listed in that order. I think adding even a mylar space blanket for shelter would be a good idea. Also, even though you may carry a knife separately, I would include a Victorinox Classic in the kit. It's very small and has a pair of scissors, tweezers, and a small file. You didn't mention the container. Is it a snuff box? Great first Instructable.


    Reply 3 years ago

    Thank you FunE2! I have a Victorinox Classic, but the reason it is not included is because, yes, I do carry a knife when i carry this kit, and also the container was too small. and for the space blanket, the container is too small and I don't have one, but I think it would be worthwhile purchasing one! I honestly have no idea about the container I just found it but I can tell you it is 2 in diameter by 7/8 in deep. Thank you for reading my lnstructable!