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About: Hi I'm Alex and I love to make stuff! I mainly work with different metals but I also love to explore new (to me) materials and dabble in woodworking, jewelry, knife making, design and many more.

This Pocket Survival Kit is probably one of the most comprehensive yet compact kits I ever made.

The container is an old weapon cleaning kit (German Army) from which I removed the internal compartments.

It is approx. 9cm x 13cm (3.5 x 5.1 Inches) large and weights 428g (15oz) which should be just about small and light enough to fit in the cargo pockets of your cargo pants or jacket.

I tried to compile a list of items that would greatly increase your chances of survival and help you get back to civilization if you ever have to use it.

The following steps display the contents in the various categories (e.g. Fire, Water etc.).

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Take care & stay safe

Made with inspiration from the ultimate survival kit by Beggsie11 https://www.instructables.com/id/My-ultimate-wilderness-survival-kit/

Step 1: Fire

The Survival Kit contains the following items that will enable you to start a fire under almost all conditions:

  1. 10cm (4 Inch) Ferro Rod (Creates lots of sparks at high temperature when struck with steel striker)
  2. 10cm (4 Inch) Hacksaw Blade
    • Primary: Striker for Ferro Rod/
    • Secondary: Metal saw
  3. 6cm x 6cm (2.3 x 2.3 Inch) Fresnel Lens
    • Primary: Focuses Sunlight to ignite tinder
    • Secondary: Magnification for first aid e.g. removing splinters
  4. 2 Storm proof matches in waterproof container
  5. Striker surface for matches
  6. Birthday cake candle
  7. 2 containers with cotton/petroleum jelly tinder

Step 2: Water

The Survival Kit contains the following items that will help you collecting and purifying water:

  1. Tea filter
    • Primary: Filtration of water
    • Secondary: Tinder
  2. Plastic bag (Aprox. 1 Liter)
  3. 4 Water purification tablets - Katadyn Micropur MC 1T (Each for one liter of water)
  4. Strip of indicator paper to test water for acidity

Step 3: First Aid

The Survival Kit contains the following items that will provide you with some very basic first aid capabilities and medication:

  1. 2 Band-aids to treat minor cuts and injuries
  2. 1 Alcohol Prep pad
  3. 5 Wound closure strips
  4. 1 Sterile Surgical Blade
  5. 2 Tablets Ibuprofen (200mg) pain reliever & fever reducer
  6. 2 Tablets Aspirin pain reliever & fever reducer
  7. 1 Tablet Imodium - treatment of diarrhea
  8. 1 Tablet Charcoal - treatment of diarrhea

(Also shown are the four water purification tablets which have been already listed in the previous step)

Step 4: Fishing and Trapping

The Survival Kit contains the following items that will provide you with some basic fishing and trapping items:

  1. 1 prepared nylon leader with an all purpose hook (Difficult to see in the picture due to reflections on the protective plastic sheet).
  2. 4 Braided steel wires (15kg/30lbs strenght) with swivels and small carabiners
    • Use as leaders when fishing predatory fish such as pike
    • Use for snaring small game such as squirrels or rabbits
  3. 30m/100Ft Braided fishing line (15Kg/30lbs)
    • Use as fishing line, snare wire or emergency cordage
  4. 4 spare hooks
  5. 2 swivels
  6. 3 small carabiners
  7. 4 lead weights
  8. (Not shown are two more lead weights that are stashed inside the emergency whistle)

Step 5: Signalling

The Survival Kit contains the following items that will provide you with a number of signalling devices both optical and acoustic.

  1. Green Laser Pen (532nm)
    • powered by two AAA batteries
    • This can be used to signal for help both from surface to air or surface to surface (NOTE: The deliberate act of pointing any laser at an aircraft when not in immediate danger is considered a felony in most countries around the world)
    • Effective range depends on environmental factors but can be several kilometers/miles
    • The batteries can be used to start a fire with the aluminium foil and/or the paper clip
  2. Nite Ize INOVA Microlight (White) Flashlight
    • Effective range up to 50 feet with one mile signal visibility
    • Powered by 2-2016 Lithium coin cell batteries

  3. 2 small chem lights (Snap lights)
    • Between 5-8 hours of light
  4. Signal mirror
  5. Signal whistle

Step 6: Tools

The Survival Kit contains the following items that will provide you with a number of tools that will make survival so much easier.

  1. Classic Leatherman Pocket Survival Tool (PST)
    • The PST is the original Leatherman tool. Packs a dozen essential tools into one compact package. Continual improvements have enhanced screwdriver performance and added a hard-wire cutting notch. Comes in standard or black finishes and a cap-crimper model. Tim Leatherman's original invention is as handy as ever.

  2. Wire Survival Saw
    • 23" stainless steel multi-strand cutting wire

    • Swivel points for easy handling

    • Cuts through logs and branches with ease Ideal for a number of survival uses

    • Lightweight and coils to fit in small pockets

  3. 3 Small cable ties
  4. 4 Small nails
  5. 3mm Wood drill
  6. 10cm (4Inch) Awl
  7. Assorted Needles
    • 1 Leather Needle
    • 1 Sail & Tent Needle
    • 1 Carpet Needle
    • 1 Upholster's Needle (curved; taped to inside of the lid)
  8. 2 Utility Knife blades (Both taped to the inside of the lid)
    1. 1 Straight general purpose blade
    2. 1 Hooked blade

Step 7: ​Miscellaneous

The Survival Kit also contains a number of items that don't fit into any of the previous categories. Most of the items may have multiple uses:

  1. $100 Emergency money
  2. 30cm x 30cm (1sq. Ft.) Aluminium foil
    • Can be used as a reflector for signalling
    • Fold able as a water container and for boiling water when place near a fire
    • Can be used with a battery to start a fire
    • Heat reflector etc.
  3. 1m duct tape
    • There is probably no other single item in this kit that has more uses
    • I will probably make a sole Instructable for the various uses of duct tape
  4. 1m clear plastic tape
  5. 1g of Superglue
    • Use as a glue for various projects
    • First aid use to close small and medium cuts (Only use 2-octyl cyanoacrylate based glues for this due to the toxicity of regular super glues (methy-2-cyanoacrylate or ethyl-2-cyanoacrylate)
  6. 1 Small piece of hot-melt adhesive (Glue from a hot-glue gun)
  7. 1 Paper Clip
  8. 2 Safety Pins
  9. Survival Compass to help you Navigate
  10. Pencil Sharpener to quickly create tinder from small sticks
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    Alex 2Q

    3 years ago on Introduction

    Wow 3000 views, 124 favs and 15 subs for my first Instructible within the first three days. Thank you all for taking an interest in this project it is way more than I would have ever expected.

    As a little thank you I will create unique patches for the first 20 followers and send them out via PM once I get back home.

    I'm also going to revisit some of my previous Mini Projects from my Youtube channel and create Instructibles for them soon.

    Thanks again to all of you.

    Cheers Alex


    Great kit. I suggest wrapping some titan paracord around it to A, keep it closed so you aren't tempted to use the contents in a non-emergency, and B, have a supply of paracord at hand.

    Also, some survival instructions would be nice. Doug Ritter has some on his website.


    3 years ago

    This is a really great set of instruct's you have created. Thanks very much. They are easy to comprehend and teach to children also.I am planning on showing and teaching this to our young BPSA scouting troop. Keep it up, you are a strong member of the community.

    3 replies
    Alex 2Qniceislife

    Reply 3 years ago

    Hi niceislife,

    thank you very much for your kind words! It really is a great motivation to get feedback like yours!

    Are you working as a volunteer for the BPSA?

    Cheers Alex

    niceislifeAlex 2Q

    Reply 3 years ago

    I am slowly trying to get our own troop started. I have been studying the materials for otters and attempting to set up being a scoutmaster for my children and their friends. It is a little daunting, but I am sure that any form of scout training can go a long way in a persons life. I was a boy scout for many years (though I did not Eagle) and those experiences still shape how I interact with the world. keep up the great work. I still have a ways to go to get a certified troop established.

    Alex 2Qniceislife

    Reply 3 years ago

    That is really awesome and I wish you the best of luck for your project.

    Let me know if there is a particular Instructable you would like to do with the kids and I will try to fit making it into my schedule.

    Cheers Alex

    Alex 2Qdogma26

    Reply 3 years ago

    Hi dogma26, tinder is a category of materials that are used as a first step in a chain reaction to create a fire. These materials could be natural or synthetic and usually are easy to ignite.

    Tinder is also a popular dating app used by 20-30 olds ;)

    Cheers Alex

    dogma26Alex 2Q

    Reply 3 years ago

    Ohhh tinder is like little pieces discarded from wood

    Thanks ;)

    (I'm not english)

    Alex 2Qdogma26

    Reply 3 years ago

    Yes I guess you could put it that way. No worries about your English I think I got your question. ;)

    Cheers Alex

    Alex 2QTheCrafter101

    Reply 3 years ago on Introduction

    Hi TheCrafter101, yes you are right I could have included the super glue in the first aid section but decided to have it in the misc sections due to the many other uses it has.

    Cheers Alex


    3 years ago on Introduction

    This is great! I love how complete this kit is. I was reading through it, and thought, "I should suggest that you include some super glue." But nope, you already figured that out!

    I'll vote for you!

    2 replies

    3 years ago

    Cool. Mabey u could make an apocalypse or post apocalyptic survival kit. I'm thinking the addition of some small hunting knives and the removal of da moneys should work as a suitable mod or u could make a new one specifically for purpose noted above

    1 reply
    Alex 2QSupersonic415

    Reply 3 years ago on Introduction

    Hi Supersonic415: Thanks for your suggestions. I will have a look how I can build a post apocalyptic/dystopian survival kit.


    3 years ago on Introduction

    Interesting kit. I'm sure people will have all different kinds of opinions about the content. A couple of mine:

    1. A hundred-dollar bill can be difficult to use anyway, but will be especially so in a disaster situation. I suggest nothing larger than $20s, and some coins because you might run across a vending machine that's working.

    2. If you ever need to seal a wound with superglue, don't worry about the "toxicity" of certain formulations. Use any type you have. The toxicity is of a very low order, and won't have the slightest impact on either the wound or your patient.