Pocket Survival Kit Grande 2.0

Introduction: Pocket Survival Kit Grande 2.0

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This is an upgrade to my previous instructable Pocket Survival Kit Grande. All of these items will help me in an outdoor survival situation. I will list them in categories (eg. fire, water, etc.) Thanks for checking this out!

Here goes.....

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Step 1: Fire

This section of the kit provides me with about 100 or so fires and fire starters.

-matchbook w/ 20 matches (fire)
-flint and steel (fire)
-candle (light, fire starter)
-3 homemade petroleum jelly and cotton fire starters (fire starters)
-matches in waterproof container (fire with the advantage of being waterproof)

Step 2: Water

This kit has everything you need to clean and purify some swamp water or collect some dew off of a tree.

-4 aquatabs 1 gal (water purification)
-coffee filter (filtering water, tinder)
-2 cup plastic pag (water storage, water collection)

Step 3: First Aid

Cuts and scrapes can get infected, hives you get from a poisonous plant can lead to sickness, and that small migraine could prevent you from doing the things you need to do in a survival situation. This section of the kit can make sure that doesn't happen.

-2 butterfly bandages (holding larger cuts together)
-2 adhesive bandages (for the smaller cuts)
-3 safety pins (removing splinters if sterilized with match, holding a makeshift sling together, fishhooks, etc.)
-1 benadryl (subduing reactions to toxins)
-2 ibuprofen (pain and fever relief)
-skin cream (more of a personal thing but can heal dry skin)

Step 4: Trapping and Fishing

Getting some meat out in the wild isn't a walk in the park, but with this section you shouldn't have to go through as much trouble to get a squirrel or a trout.

-3 ft wire (snares, lashing)
-7 ft 20 pound line (fishing, lashing)
-2 plastic lures (fishing)
-3 medium fish hooks (fishing)
-1 sinker (fishing)

Step 5: Tools

You can't make shelter or craft weapons with just your hands, but this section supplies you with the right equipment to acquire both.

-sand paper (presice wood work)
-razor blade (cutting, carving, first aid)
-needle (removing splinters if sterilized with match, tool making, sewing, makeshift arrow heads, etc.)
-small flip knife (tool making, cutting, carving, food preperation, etc.)

Step 6: Miscellaneous

These items either didn't fit into any category, or fit into multiple. That doesn't make them any less useful in a survival situation.

-1 sq ft tin foil (boiling water, cooking, can be folded into a cup to collect water, reflective surface)
-1 ft duct tape (first aid, repair, tool making, lashing, tinder, etc.)
-pencil and paper (note taking, informing rescuers, moral booster)
-compass (navigation)
-3 ft twine (sewing, repair, lashing, weapon making, snares, etc.)
-4 quarter/$1 (buying some water or food if you reach civilazation or to make a phone call)
-hot glue (first aid, repair, weapon and tool making, etc.)
-LED and watch battery (light)
-salt (first aid, food preservation)
-nails (makeshift arrowheads, shelter making, repair)
-important info (not shown for security reasons) includes my name, my family members phone numbers, blood type and any allergies to medicine)

After you have all of this, find a container that fits in your pocket, has a closing lid, and can fit all this.

Thank you for reading my instructable! Please hit that heart button, follow, check out my other instructables, and share what you thought below! God bless

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