Pocket Tool Kit




Introduction: Pocket Tool Kit

I am going to show you what I put in my leather wallet called a pocket tool kit . All of these tools are fit in this leather wallet made for loose change.

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Step 1: What You Need

You will need:

01. Leather wallet (I bought in Dollorama)
02. Folding utility knife (Canadian Tire)
03. Measure tape (Home Depot,Rona...)
04. Screwdriver (Husky in Home Depot for $4)
05. Battery Light (I use aluminum one)
06. Bottle opener (My buddy made on CNC)
07. Mini scissors
08. Can opener (MEC,Walmart...)
09. Scriber for metal
10. Hex key
11. Tip cleaner (High quality stainless steel wire)

Step 2: Connecting

Connect all of these small things on the key chain accessory!

01. Bottle opener
02. Mini scissors
03. Can opener
04. Scriber for metal
05. Hex key
06. Tip cleaner

Step 3: Packaging

It's time for packaging. This wallet has two partition. In the first partition put Screwdriver,Battery Light,Bottle opener,Mini scissors,Can opener,Hex key and Tip cleaner together. That side supposed to be bigger than second one. In the other partition put Utility knife and Measure tape.
So you can bring yours tools all the time with you. It's very useful wallet in your pocket.Enjoy

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Do you mind if i make an instructable similar to this, but from old bicycle innertube?


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Sorry for the late answer.Thanks for comment.Thant's ok.