Pocket Torch and Multitool Sheath




Ok, I found myself constantly adjusting my Flashlight and multi tool in my pocket. Combined with my iPod and pen everything was all messed up in my front pocket. I finally decided it needed to change. First of all I really hate things hanging from my belt. Since for my Job I am constantly climbing in and out of a truck and bending and so on, they pinch and its annoying. On with the show.

Step 1: Choose Your Weapon

First of all get what you want to put in the sheath. I chose my Olight T20 and my Skeletool.These are part of my pocket EDC (every day carry). Among other things I carry every day these are chosen as things I use all the time and want them available.

As for tools and materials you need. They are:

Cloth (stiff is better)
A sewing needle
(sewing needle and thread maybe substituted for a sewing machine)
Marker or pen

Step 2: Choose Your Material

This is important. I choose a piece of camouflage material because I had it and didn't have the tools to make holes in my piece of leather i wanted to make it out of. I soon discovered that this piece was likely to be too flimsy and extremely frustrating. However rather than give up i decided to finish and try it out and see if I even liked it.

So choose a piece of cloth big enough to be double the width of the items you chose combined width. It should be stiff, like a piece of denim or thick nylon.

Step 3: Begin

Start off by setting the items on the material and decide where you want it to sit on the tool pins help. Do you want the items to be covered all the way to the top or just enough sticking out to grab onto or enough just to hold the tools together and leave a lot of the tool sticking out. This is all up to you.

Go ahead and trim it the the right height.

place the two corners perpendicular then fold together and begin sewing them down towards the fold in the cloth. Loop stitch all the way to the bottom of the fold.

Place one of the tools in the part of the pouch you have made and hold it up against the seam you just sewed. hold along the part that will be open on the top, and try to pull the tool out adjust where you fingers are until the tool comes out and goes in easily. Mark the spot with your pen or marker and do the same thing on the bottom on the fold.

Step 4: Fancyness

I took some embroidery thread and whip stitched it all the way down the seams and in between the tools slots and it stiffened my sheath significantly. It also made putting the tool in and out of the hole easier.

Go ahead and take a straight edge and mark in a dotted line your two marks that you made. Then sew in at least 1/4 inch stitches in a straight line up and then back down so it is solid. Next place the next tool in the pouch and do the same as the first tool mark where the seam needs to go, draw your dotted line and if this is the last slot trim the excess off and proceed to whip stitch the edge same as the first step.

Step 5: Finished!!!

You should be all done now, and you should have some thing that looks like this. I have my Multi-tool, Torch and a pen all in a neat little package. 



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    5 years ago

    Nice username!!!!!


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Good idea. 

    I do lots of theater work, so I often carry a crescent wrench.  Instead of having it free in my pocket, I cut a slit (the size of the wrench handle) in the small secondary front pocket of my jeans.  The head of the wrench stays in the small pocket, easy to access, while the handle slides down into the main front pocket.

    (I'll post a picture if that didn't make sense)

    2 replies

    9 years ago on Introduction

    IMHO, using a jacket essentially made of pockets is a better method, as I can be a walking supply depot and still get everything without rummaging...

    2 replies

    True, it does get a little warm but the jacket I use is more like a canvas windbreaker with a ton of pockets.