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I have been using a bigger version of this voltmeter for quite some time and it was always very helpful

so when I saw Pocket Sized Contest I said to my self why didn't use this opportunity and share this with you

I made a few design improvements during this process so I am very happy with results

Step 1: Materials and Tools



  • soldering iron
  • hot glue gun
  • hot air gun or flame from hob (if you using heat shrink foil)

Step 2: Switch

  • disconnect all wires and find the best position for the switch
  • if you have a good position you can glue switch on the place
  • then connect (+) power to middle pin on the switch

Step 3: Probes

  • connect a wire to crocodile clips and secure it with hot glue
  • then connect black (-) probe to common ground and red (+) probe to pin where was orriginaly yellow or white wire

Step 4: Battery Connector

  • pick a place where you want your voltmeter and cut them to the needed length

(I made this second to sit on the connector so they were werry short)

  • connect the red wire to switch pin and black to common ground

Step 5: Test

  • test it and if everything works you can adjust accuracy if needed with little potentiometer (not every voltmeter have this option)
  • if you are done glue every wire to secure long life and glue the whole potentiometer on its place
  • you can wrap finished voltmeter in heat-shrink foil if you want for better-looking finish

Step 6:

and you are done you can now put your mini voltmeter into your pocket and have it wherever you go ready to use

enjoy :)

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    6 Discussions


    20 days ago

    I really like your project, I teach electronics and I think it will be a great project for my students. I might even try to make it smaller by using button cells and a push button to turn it on.

    1 reply

    Reply 19 days ago

    if you can remove the voltage regulator you can power it directly by 3V without power loses
    then it can run efficiently on button cells


    20 days ago

    I made it, today....i simply add the megnetic part from hdd, for use it in diffrents situations...

    1 reply