Pocket Size Traveller's Dominoes


Introduction: Pocket Size Traveller's Dominoes

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Recently I learned how to play dominoes. It is a fun game and can be played all afternoon. But it is difficult to get hold of one in India. So I made a mini pocket sized one that can be played on the go (when you travel)

Step 1: Making the Dominoes

Take a print out of the attached pdf file. I assembled 3 domino sets to make minimum wastage of paper.
Cut the domino pieces apart. You get 28 pieces in 1 set of dominoes. You can laminate them if you like. I kept it simple to save nature. You can keep the other 2 domino sets to use the torn pieces.

You can start playing at this moment. Or you can read on if you want a box for your dominoes.

Step 2: Making the Box and Finishing

Take a card stock paper. You can also use cereal box (I did not have one). Cut small piece as in the picture to make the top and bottom of the box. Before gluing check of they fit properly ( mine keep falling off and have to use a rubber band to hold the box). Complete the 2 halves of the box by gluing them. Let them dry before putting the dominoes inside as glue may have seeped in.

Now use your imagination to design your newly created dominoes box.

Have fun.



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