Pocket Sized Flame-thrower



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an ordinary lighter with extreme capabilities.

PLEASE READ INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY before you just say its a lighter with a match stuck to it. (step 3)

Step 1: What You Need

a adjustable lighter and a sharp knife / pen

Step 2: Crack It Open

when you remove the trigger and the guard, you might want to remove the sparking device aswell.

*doesnt work after mod*

Step 3: Open the Valve As Much As You Want( Within Reason)

dont open it too much or it mite explode in your hands (not recommended)

use the plastic thingy in pic 1 like a spanner. rotate, remove, repeat

Step 4: Put It All Back

Step 5: Optional Thingy

single use only...

Step 6: Now You Can Burn Metal


i do not take any responsability to any damage done to your property or yourself.



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