Pocket Sized Notebook.




Introduction: Pocket Sized Notebook.

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good to carry around for writing stuff down or doodling when ur bored. now i know you cant say what type of pocket you can carry it in, BUT! im going to say im comfortable with the back pocket the most.
*EDIT* now someone has already made a note book with the duct tape top, i did not copy them in fact, we make then very differently. dont think i copied just because we both have duct tape on top*

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Step 1: Items.

*duct tape
*a lot of paper

Try and get a glue stick or white glue. i used super glue and i dont recommend that.

Step 2: Making It, #1

cut out a 5in by 3 in piece of paper, or find an index card. and use it as a guide line. then depending on how many pages you want, on a 11" by 8 1/2" regular sheet of paper you can fit 4 of these patterns. so i chose 20 pages since its divisible by four and is a good amount of paper. so i made 6 of these papers and cut them out.

Step 3: Making It, #2

now that i cut them out i made any trims that were necessary, and cut out a piece of card board at 5" by 3" and covered it with duct tape.

Step 4: Making It, #3

then a got some of my glue and got my stack of papers and glued the papers together on top and placed the stack in between the card board and put one piece of duct tape on top and i super glued the stack on top of the piece of duct tape i put over the card board. then i let it dry and i was done!

Step 5: DONE!!!!

WOOP! now you can carry this around and you'll find it is VERY useful.

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