Pocket-sized Stereo Amplifier





Introduction: Pocket-sized Stereo Amplifier

In this 'ible, I'm gonna show you how to build a pocket-sized stereo amplifier.

Step 1: Inspiration and Features

Where did I get the inspiration from?
First, take a look at these 'ibles:
~https://www.instructables.com/id/Rechargable-pocket-sized-amplifier/(I love this one a lot; this 'ible is where I cheapened my final product... hehehe... :-) )

What do those have in common?
Well, they are cheap!, but... mono only.

Then these:

What do those have in common?
Their price.(Well, in my country)
As the cost of living rises and the stock exchange falls, it is important that WE! save.
And this is what I'm gonna do today.
And https://www.instructables.com/id/500_Ipod_Amplifier/ is out of da question.(You know why.)
Now... the features.

Let's get started.

Step 2: Materials

What you'll need:
~4k7 resisor X2
~1M resistor X2
~BC548 X2
~BC327 X2
~10V, 10uF electrolytic cap(I used 16V becos' the 10V was out of stock; 16V should do the trick) X2
~enclosure(I used an Eclipse(r) mints box[I love it!!!, and Atloids are not sold in my country anyway]{Yup, it fits in your pocket, get ready for XTRA LOUD MUSIC!!!})
~3.5mm audio jack
(You dont need a switch, becos' of the fact that this curcuit won't consume any energy when no audio is input(ted).

Step 3: Prepare the Electronics

Ok, now for the electronics.
Look at the schematics below to help you build the curcit.
I have "burned" the words in PSCS4E(Photoshop CS4 Extended)specially for you.

Step 4: The Speakers

The speakers are glued to a piece of cardboard/corrugated plastic and fitted into the tin, like...

Step 5: The Enclosure

I'm now gonna show you how to prepare the enclosure using the Eclipse Mints Box.
You will need to to squeeze everything inside.

Step 6: Finished!!!

Finally, you are finished!!!



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    22 Discussions

    Also, is a 50V capacitor okay, instead if the 10V and a 1W speaker instead of a 0.1W speaker?

    Thanks for the schematics, probably the only stereo speaker schematics I've found, ;D, but were does the 3.5mm audio Jack go?

    You've got the power connections backward for the 2nd amp. Battery + goes to the junction of the 2 resistors. Battery - goes to the bottom of the speakers.

    As drawn, you'll cook the battery in no time flat. The + and - are connected together at the same junction mentioned above.

    The circuit can push out about 6 mW with an 8 ohm speaker. A 32 ohm speaker will result in a 23 mW output. Just a suggestion for anyone wishing to mod this a little.


    ok, i know pscs4 is overkill, but dat's about de only image editing prog i know how to use!. ridiculous, but true

    1 reply

    If you are a Windows user, you can do a really quick resize in Paint and save it as either a JPG or PNG. Lots quicker than firing up PhotoShop.


    Umm.. I think if you open holes for the speakers they'll sound louder 

    1 reply

     actually, without the holes, the speakers cause the metal can to vibrate and thus makng most wood surfaces turn into a loud speaker!!! :)

    Please can you do a better picture of the drawing on step 3 because I want to do this cool instructable but i cant really read it. Thanks Matt

    4 replies

    oh yeah, these pics are direct copy from a camera(canon ixus 75). I did not have time to resize with Photoshop cs4. anyway, why the pics do not appear as pics??? they appear as files. why???